Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What A Day

We were under a thunderstorm watch yesterday afternoon and had tickets to a Dragons game. Okay, sure. That's common this time of year. It gets warm, the air gets unstable, it storms. What were the chances it would happen downtown?

Apparently damn good! After the second inning, we saw the clouds close in and it wasn't pretty. We got up to leave. We were about a block from our car when the sky opened up.

I wasn't prepared to exercise! But we made it to the car before we got soaked.

Oh well. I figured I'd get some writing done instead. We got home. I turned on my computer. Checked my e-mails. Power went out!

But we were recording the season finale of "House"! Sh*t! Guess we'll have to catch that one on line.

At least I have a battery on my laptop, so all's not lost. But it's dark out and I can't really see the keyboard. I did get 250 words added before I gave up. We decided to go to McDonald's so we could at least read.

Power was out at McDonald's, too. But Dairy Queen across the street was lit. Mmmm, Dairy Queen. I try to stay away from the place, because it's bad for me. At least I held back and only ordered a small caramel Moolatte.

Did I say mmmmm?

The husband and I set to reading. We had an hour before they kicked us out. I kept checking McDonald's across the street. Figured when they got light, we could go home.

At 9:45, McDonald's lit up. Yay! Power!

Unfortunately, we didn't have cable, phone, or internet. That's what you get when you bundle. Ah well, got more writing done. And all was well in the morning.

At least the power was only out for 90 minutes. I did NOT want to have to restock my freezer!!! (see previous post).


Maria Zannini said...

We kept losing power all day yesterday too. We're expecting another night of storms and then we catch a break. Thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

Power outages were pretty sporadic. We were okay but Matt & Kim lost theirs. I was very aware of it since I was over there babysitting at the time. Theirs was still out the following morning. Came back sometime during the day.

(Stacy, Blogger won't recognise me but it's me, Linda.)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria & Linda - Thanks for commenting. More bad weather tonight. I'll be glad when the weather calms down! We all need a break.

The Happy Whisk said...

Glad you didn't have to restock your freezer.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Me too!
Thanks for visiting!