Sunday, June 26, 2011

Status Update

I got my edits done last week and the book out to some readers, my daughter being one of those readers. She finished today (yay!) and will give me her notes (I gave her a paper copy of the book). It'll give me something to do in the car, on my way to NYC. And then MAYBE I'll be able to e-mail the book to the publisher within the next few days.

My synopsis is sort of done. I think I still need to polish it some, but I'm in no real rush. The book is more important. I hate that I had to wait this long before sending it out, but that's my fault for pitching the darn thing to begin with (Ahh, but how could I not? There were only three people pitching).

Tomorrow morning I'll be car-pooling to NYC with two others (heading to the Romance Writers of America National Convention). I'm almost all packed. Almost. I have this problem packing early. At least the clothes are picked out and ready to be squished into the suitcase. And all the non-clothing portion is packed into a separate suitcase (like food – which I expect I won't have to bring back, but the space will be replaced with books).

I hope I have enough nerve to take pictures. I hope I have enough nerve to talk to some of my favorite authors (Lynsay Sands will be there!). I hope I have enough nerve to socialize. I hope I don't screw up my agent appointment. We'll see how that all works out.

If I can get the internet for free, I may blog. If not, nada. Most Marriott Hotels offer free wi-fi, but this is NYC (on Times Square, no less), so I'm sure there's no such thing as free anything. So, if you don't hear from me, you'll know why. Have a good week!

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Todd R. Moody said...

I hope you have a fun and profitable week Stacy!