Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canada - Part II

I can't believe we're doing it again. We're actually going to Canada.

The first and last time we ventured into that country, we visited Montreal and learned they don't like English much. Which was a disaster since we also learned our Garmin didn't have Canadian maps. Yes, we got lost. Major lost!

This time we'll be armed with a new Garmin, and I've been told Toronto isn't part of France. Yes, I know Montreal isn't part of France, either, but try telling them that!

Our reason for this trip (on a weekend where we'll actually be spending the night in Detroit to and from) is to attend my daughter's Footy game (that would be Australian Rules Football). A long drive for one game, but my baby's worth it.

I hope the weather is great. I hope we can drive with the top down (yes, we have a convertible). I hope I take lots of pictures. Who knows when I'll make it to the country again? Who knows when I'll want to?


Jemi Fraser said...

This cracked me up! Toronto is very multi-cultural - but almost everyone speaks English as one of their major languages. You'll be fine! :)

Hope you have a great time!! Toronto is a fabulous city!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi Jemi!
I'm not worried about the speaking part so much as the road sign part. But we have our new Garmin now, so I'm not TOO worried!

Thanks for stopping by!