Tuesday, August 16, 2011


For you writers out there – do you enter contests? Are you addicted and enter every contest you can find or choosy and only go for those that get in front of an agent or editor you'd like your work to be seen by?

I'm more of the choosy variety. Although with my first book I entered it into several contests. I thought I would get the feedback I needed. I got feedback, but nothing constructive.

On my third book, I had critique partners. They gave me the best feedback. So I didn't feel the need to enter it into contests.

Until now.

I'm curious. Will it do well? Will it make it to the finals? I just gotta know!

Hopefully, I won't be in the dumps come November!


Isis Rushdan said...

I first started entering contests for the feedback. Some of the comments were downright nasty, but most were constructive. As my writing improved so did the number of comments that put a smile on face. I quickly turned into a contest slut.

Once I started making the finals, I kept entering in the hopes that a win would give me something to put in the credentials section of my query letter. Editor requests from contests is what started to catch the attention of agents in my query letter.

I did a couple of posts on my blog about contests. I think there's a lot of value to them if you know why you are entering.

Linda Leszczuk said...

I've entered a few but most of the ones I hear about are via RWA and my focus is more mystery so it's not a good fit. I don't find the feedback I receive is worth the $20 or so it costs to enter.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I don't enter contests any more, but when I did, I was the choosy writer too. Otherwise, they can run into some serious money. And as you noted, you can get good feedback for free from critiquers.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Isis - I'm not so sure I care about the feedback on the contest I entered. I saw who were judging the finalists and that's what inspired me to enter. Yeah, I'd love to put that it won a contest on my query (or that I won a contest!).

Linda - The cost is what slowed me down and I agree, the feedback isn't worth it.

Jennette - Guess there's nothing wrong with being choosy. It's certainly cheaper!!

Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate them. Sorry I've taken so long to respond, though!