Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures - Do You Know What These Are? I Don't

Today for a little fun, I would like someone to tell me what these things are on the following pictures. It's hard to gain this information on the web, since I don't know how to seach a picture. So... if anyone out there knows, I would sure appreciate you shedding some light my way.

This one is semi-easy. I know it's a bug (ooh - aren't I smart?). I took this picture from inside my house, so this is the underside of the bug and it's kind of blurry, since I couldn't get it to focus up close. I THINK it's a stink bug (although the stink bugs I used to call stink bugs back when I was a kid living in Southern California were black and looked like beetles). I hate these things, though. They like to jump at you. And, well, I don't like things that jump at me. Especially bugs! And if this is a stink bug, do they really stink? Have you ever smelled one? Curious minds...

This one is a mystery. I noticed it hanging from the top of the porch overhang a couple of weeks ago. I tried to knock it off with a broom, but it ain't budging. I think it'll need to be cut off, but no one remembers to bring out scissors when we go outside. I thought it was just a lone thing until I saw our little tree (below).

Can't tell from this picture too well, but off to the left, where it appears a different tree is growing (and it's all the same tree - I checked), more of those things are displayed. I took a closer shot, below.

There are lots of these suckers. So, is it some kind of seed pod? Or has some strange creature laid eggs? Should I worry? Should we cut the whole thing down? I mean, the tree has looked in better condition. It used to be all one shape! It's strange how this other growth has morphed out of it. Have you ever had a tree do that to you?

I think I've asked enough questions. Sure hope I see some answers! Happy Monday!



JeffO said...

Top one looks like a stink bug or a shield bug. Harmless to you. And, unlike every other creepy crawlie that is referred to as 'bugs' (i.e., worms, spiders, beetles, etc.) those are 'true' bugs. Stink bugs can stink, but I have never been stinked by one.

Second one looks like some sort of cocoon, likely built by a moth. When it will emerge depends on the species. It might be a few weeks, or it might overwinter and emerge in the spring.

Pictures 3 and 4 (and likely 2) look like bagworms, which are indeed a type of moth. Those are cocoons as they go from inchworm/caterpillar stage to adult. Looks like they're doing a number on your tree. I'd say call your local cooperative extension office for suggestions on how to control them. Harmless to you, but not to your tree.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Hmm...well, the first one is hard to see because of the light. But stink bugs do have that pentagonal shape to their body. They are grayish in color though. I heard they do stink when killed and are hard to exterminate so...don't kill one because the scent attracts other stink bugs! Bleh.

Clueless about the other pics. But thanks for getting my brain working this morning. LOL

B.E. Sanderson said...

I think JeffO's got it all. Stinkbug, chrysalis/cocoon of some kind, and bagworm cocoons. The reason the branches in that last bush look stripped is because the needles are used to make the cocoons. According to Wikipedia, you should just be able to pick the cocoons off to stop the infestation, or use an insecticide. I would imagine once the things are gone, the shrub will green up again eventually.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Bagworms? Okay, I'm sufficiently grossed out now. I think this is a job for my husband, because I don't like dealing with any kind of insects (and he knows it!).

And it's nice to get confirmation about the stink bugs. I've never squished one before (and never found one in my house - thank GOD), but now I'm thinking I should never squish one. Don't want to end up smelling like a skunk or something.

Strange how the stink bugs I remember as a child were nothing like these armored creatures are here. If I liked bugs, I might just investigate further, but I don't, so I won't. :)

Thanks for the information!

Maria Zannini said...

I agree with Jeffo on the first two, but the picture's not clear enough to verify the last one.

The bag worms (called web worms here) don't normally damage the tree that hosts them. Nor do they leave cocoon like ornaments, but this could be due to your part of the country.

I'm also suspicious that the entire side of the tree is dead. By any chance does a sprinkler hit that side of the tree?

Overwatering can sometimes damage one side and not the other.

There could be two things happening at once to that tree.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I haven't used a sprinkler in years - bad me? - so overwatering is not an issue. Underwatering? Now, there's a possibility.

That growth that looks dead has different pine needles than the rest of the tree. Almost like a blue spruce is growing alongside it. But when I look inside the tree, that growth is coming from the main branch. Very strange.

The Spooky Whisk said...

I am not any help here, as I don't know the names of these, but that first one we have here. I think. Looks similar anyway.

Sandra Cox said...

I blush to admit, I have no idea.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - That's not the first time I've seen a stink bug, just wasn't sure what it was called. Those others were new to me, though, and I've lived here for 22 years!

Sandra - Hey, I didn't know what they were, either, so no blushing allowed!