Friday, September 6, 2013

Pictures of John Barrowman and other Dragon*Con Panels!

I posted the pictures before I wrote anything, now I can't get the writing to be above the pictures without screwing them all up. Anyway...the above photo is the crowd waiting for John Barrowman (I was in the 2nd row - yep, lucky me!). Most of the celebrity panels were held in the Atrium ballroom at the Marriott. It's the biggest.

I figure I'll post the celebrity panel pictures today and the costume pictures on Monday and hopefully won't blow up Blogger with all my pictures! Enjoy!

Yep, this is John Barrowman. He was on several panels. This was a solo one, and very popular, too. I still can't believe how close I got.

This is probably the only time he actually stood still. The guy is crazy-restless, I swear.

In case you can't read his shirt (and why could you, it's never clear), it says "Legalized Gay." It's in reference to his marriage to Scott a couple of months ago.

 John asked for scissors because he said he had something that was scratching his left you-know-what. The lucky lady got to keep the string or whatever it was that was bothering him. Guess he wasn't afraid she'd nip something important!

This panel was for actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is John DeLancie and Michael Dorn.

Here's Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis. She is really funny (and snarky). Nothing like Deanna Troy at all!

One of the few writers panels I attended (this one was on fight scenes). John Ringo is sitting on the far left. I don't know who the next two writers are. Then it's AJ Scudari and Jim Butcher. I'm sorry I don't know the last one. I'm bad, I know.

Made it to the William Shatner panel. The man likes to ramble. I sat there and froze. Apparently that side of the ballroom is an ice box, because the other side was comfortable!

Back to another John Barrowman panel. This one is Torchwood. You can see John just can't keep still. You can also see I didn't have such wonderful seats this time around. The actors from left are: Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto), Eve Myles (Gwen), John Barrowman (Captain Jack), and Burn Gorman (Owen).

Hopefully a better picture of the group. The stories that they told--ooh boy! I guess the sexual harrassment laws are different in UK than here, that's all I have to say. I laughed so much! Especially when John fell backward in his seat -- TWICE! His expression was priceless.

Went to a panel for a "Time After Time" reunion, with Malcolm McDowell and David Warner. While they were entertaining, I don't think they remembered the movie all that much! Haha!

Dragon*Con isn't complete without attending a Buffy panel. Here is Nicholas Brendon (Xander), Kristine Sutherland (Joyce, Buffy's Mom), and James Marsters (Spike). By the way, I managed to get into the elevator with Kristine one time. Wasn't sure at the time if it was her, but after the panel, realized it was. No, I didn't say anything to her. I'm not THAT brave!

Another picture of the group. Couldn't tell which one was better!

Here is another John Barrowman panel. This one is for Arrow. Stephen Amell was supposed to be there, but he had to cancel at the last minute (boo hoo). Anyway, here is Kelly Hu (China White), Seth Gabel (The Count), and Janina Gavankar (Det. McKenna Hall).
Seth Gabel, Janina Gavankar, John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), and  Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson). Wow, John is actually still! Interesting tidbet - Janina and John attended the same high school (years apart, of course). When someone asked John if he practiced archery for his part, he said the only time he ever did was back in high school when their one goal was to see if they could shoot the arrows at the convertible soft tops in the car dealership next door. Even as a kid, he was wild.

Really blurry shot, but I have to tell you why I took it. John was telling us how he embarrassed Stephen Amell during the scene where Stephen was tied up (after Merlyn discovered Oliver is the vigilante). John came onto the set playing the scene (or so Stephen thought) and tweaked Stephen's nipples. Stephen couldn't do a darn thing about it, either. This is the demonstration of what John did (Manu acting as Stephen). John is one crazy dude, isn't he? But he's just so funny!!

Last celebrity panel I attended was for the bionic couple: Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors. Almost makes me want to watch the series again. I loved them!

I hope you enjoyed these photos. My camera works pretty good when people hold still. When they move, not so much (especially if I've zoomed it as big as I can). Still, I didn't think the pictures turned out all that bad.

So, do you enjoy seeing this kind of stuff, or have I bored you completely?




Maria Zannini said...

That looked like fun! It was a blast from the past to see so many old-time SF actors.

JeffO said...

Looks like a fun time. I have to wonder how these people feel about revisiting old characters and shows. It always makes me think of that Saturday Night Live episode from years ago where Shatner was playing himself at a Star Trek convention--"Get a life!" he tells the. "Kiss a girl!" And then they waved the paycheck under his nose. He's always good for some self-deprecating humor.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - It was fun. And draining. There was just too many people there on Saturday, I began to wonder why I even attended! Sunday I felt better, though.

Jeff - I think the actors love the fans' attention, but some of the questions they're asked downright confuse a bunch of them, as Malcolm McDowell answered one such question: "How should I know. I'm an actor."

Michael Seese said...

Buffy rules! That must have been fun.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - My daughter agrees with you: Buffy does rule! Haha! Have to say, if you didn't show up 2 hours early for a Buffy panel, you weren't getting in! It's amazing how popular that series still is.

Jen B said...

Wow - love all your photos. Would love to attend the Buffy panel - have a lot of great memories of that show. I still re-watch it sometimes and it is just as good. Glad you had fun and got lots of reading done. Cheers!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jen - The Buffy panels are pretty fun. My memories of the show are fairly recent, though. My daughter introduced me to the series a few years ago!