Monday, April 13, 2015

Blind Temptation Buy Links

Blind Temptation is released! Yay!!! It’s currently on sale at an introductory price of $2.99. Eventually it will go up to $4.99. When? Well… I have submitted this book for a BookBub ad. If it gets selected (and I’m not holding my breath—I’d rather be pleasantly surprised), then the price will stay at $2.99 until 4 weeks after the ad airs. If it’s not selected, then the price will probably go up after June 1st (and seeing how long it took me to get all these sites to actually show the book, I’m assuming it will take awhile before they all show the higher price—Amazon going last, of course).

Anyway, here’s the blurb (in case you haven’t gotten sick of it yet!):

Dreading the prospect of losing her position on the Vampire Committee, Victoria is forced to integrate with the mortal population. She hasn’t stepped outside since her husband died over 40 years ago and the thought of being treated like the 17-year-old she resembles frustrates her. But when she discovers that Ben, her hot & sexy driver’s ed teacher, is blind, she gives into temptation and flirts. She never expects to fall in love.

Ben knows he shouldn’t get involved with Victoria—she’s his student. But something compels him toward her. She makes him feel young, alive, and more importantly, whole.

Victoria would love nothing better than to have Ben as a mate, but fears he wouldn’t want to be blind forever. As she struggles to keep her identity hidden from him, an old acquaintance of Victoria’s turns up and is willing to do anything to win her love, including disposing of her boyfriend.

And this is where you can purchase the digital version:
Not a sale site, but if you want to add the book to Goodreads, click HERE
Eventually, it’ll show up on Kobo; it’s just being slow. Next I have to format it for print. Okay, I have to get my formatter (aka Enterprise Book Services, aka hubby) to format it for print.

In other news…. The Penguins made the playoffs! YAY!!! Talk about waiting until the last game to do it (and yes, it was the very last game of the season). Now they’ll face the Rangers in the first round. I’m hoping the games show on television here, because I really need to burn off some calories. How? From the stress (and I’m sure the games will stress me out, but I’m addicted and can’t give them up). Let’s go Pens!!!

So… When you buy books, what format do you buy and what store do you buy them from? I’m a Barnes & Noble on-line shopper and I prefer paper, but will buy the Nook version if it’s a new author. Then, if I really, REALLY like their books (like I’ve fallen in love with M.Q. Barber’s books), I’ll purchase the paper version. Just doesn’t feel like I OWN it if I can’t see it on an actual bookshelf.

Have a great day!



JeffO said...

Congrats on your release and best of luck to you, Stacy! Considering my Bruins lost six straight before winning five straight, it's not surprising they dropped their last 3 to miss out on the playoffs. Maybe they'll defy the odds and somehow get the #1 pick in the draft (I think they've got a 1% chance). Enjoy the playoffs. I'm not convinced by the Rangers, but the Pens are not in very good shape right now.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I think I'll just bask in being IN the playoffs until Thursday. Then I can start stressing out again.

Maria Zannini said...

I hope you get on BookBub. They are THE place to be for the best exposure.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - BookBub was quick with that rejection (got it this morning). Oh well... With the little amount of reviews my books have, it's hard to find some place to advertise (without going through a blog tour--which I'm still not convinced is all that worth it).

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I buy books from Amazon. I bought a Kindle because I liked its interface and store functionality better, plus shut down my account because I had the audacity to forget my CC on file with them was expired and attempted to buy something. I love the Kindle and will always by e if available, unless the print is cheaper.

Don't feel bad about the BB reject, especially if you were trying to get in as $2.99 being on sale from $4.99. And no, I don't think blog tours have the power to get reviews any more and IMO aren't worth the work. Still working on that review thing myself... good luck with yours!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - The only time I've found print cheaper (or the same) is through the big 5 publishers. No brainer, then--PRINT! Well...unless the paperback & e-book price is over $7.99 (yes, I've seen that). Then I seriously consider the library (depending on how badly I want to read the book).

The Happy Whisk said...

Mostly I buy real books but that's because we still have a few bookstores around here, along with coupons and memberships. But I am considering an eReader just for reading. No other Internet, blogs or anything. Just quite reading.

Wishing you TONS of sales.