Friday, June 12, 2015

Getting Closer to Writing Again

Wow. This week went by fast, didn't it? And I still haven't gotten any writing done. At least I finished judging the writing contest, freeing me up to read (haha). Good thing, too. My daughter FINALLY finished "The Shadows" by J.R. Ward, which means as soon as I finish reading my current book, I'm all over that one.

My husband is wondering if I'm ever going to write again.

I think the break is doing me some good, though. Who knows, maybe I'll get some writing done today. I know I'm closer to writing than not writing (mainly because my characters have come back to bug me -- always a good sign).

Last night I attended a Dayton Dragons game. Boy, was it warm out (it reached 91 yesterday). I think I sweated during the whole game (probably had a hot flash or two, too!). And then the Dragons went and lost. Boo! Got another game tonight. Hopefully it won't be as hot (and the Dragons will win!).

So... The hubby and I have a free night's stay with Marriott due us (via our credit card) and haven't figured out where we want to go. Got any suggestions? It has to be less than a day's drive from Dayton. We thought about Pittsburgh again, but I'm thinking I want someplace new. I just don't know where. Decisions, decisions...

Have a great weekend.



Jennette Marie Powell said...

Hmm, where to go for a weekend away? What a problem to have! :) Toronto is cool, or if you want something closer, Cleveland?

I haven't written in three weeks, as my latest is with beta readers, and I'm focusing on getting some marketing stuff in place. I'm starting to feel a little twitchy LOL.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Twitchy, huh? Maybe it's time to start a new book!

Michael Seese said...

Cleveland's about as far as Pittsburgh. If you come Tuesday -- and have an extra $4,000 to spend -- you could go to the Cavs game. :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Some place new sounds fun. But an old favorite
sounds good too. I am no help.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - I can think of better things to spend $4000 on (not that I HAVE a spare $4000). Haha! :)

Ivy - You are so right. On all counts. Haha! :)