Monday, June 15, 2015

Hockey and a Movie

It’s Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight. I had tickets to a Dragons Game, but once my daughter reminded me about Game 6, I knew I couldn’t go to the game, so my husband put the tickets on sale (through Stub Hub). And then when the Blackhawks won Game 5, I was glad I had changed my mind. While I had rooted for Tampa Bay to win the Eastern Division, I have liked the Blackhawks longer, so I’m rooting for them. It’s been a good series, though (and a lot less stressful than when the Penguins are playing for some strange reason).

Looks like we’ll be seeing “Jurassic World” tomorrow ($5.50 Tuesdays). Seems strange to think it’s been over 20 years since “Jurassic Park” came out. I’m hoping it’s good or I at least like it (I’ve been known to like movies that haven’t been all that good—“Twilight” comes to mind). I’ll let you know what I think on Wednesday.

So… what is it you look for on blogs? Or, specifically, this blog? Do you mind my ramblings? Because it sure seems like I’ve been rambling a lot lately.

Fried brain. It’s what I have!

Have a great Monday. I’m hoping to be rejuvenated. Not a single appointment all week. Yay!



JeffO said...

I suspect Chicago will win, though you can never count out the power of desperation. Enjoy the game, enjoy the movie, enjoy your appointment-free week!

And as for the blog, I've been rambly, too. Not that I'm an arbiter of what makes a good blog, but I enjoy coming here regardless of what you're posting about!

Maria Zannini said...

As long as the blogger isn't a one-note blogger (same thing all the time) I'm good.

I like variety.

The Happy Whisk said...

Haven't seen it yet so I skipped this post, or the bits about the movie. Today, I'm going to be very careful, as I don't want to read anything.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I won't be surprised if it goes into Game 7, but I kind of want Chicago to win it at home.

Maria - I like variety, too. I'm not fond of those blogs that only talk about their book. Save that for your newsletter!

Ivy - I don't EVER mention spoilers on this post (I hope I don't anyway). Besides, I haven't seen the movie yet. Not until tomorrow, so not much to say about it now! But I know what you mean about not wanting to be spoiled.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I enjoy your ramblings! I like blogs that give me an idea of who the author is as a person, and what their life is like (even if it's as boring as mine, LOL). Also seeing what you read is fun, even though I don't often comment on that. So keep on rambling!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I sometimes wonder just how many people DO read this blog and don't comment. Glad my ramblings don't scare you away. :)

The Happy Whisk said...

I skip all reviews and mentions, including movie promos. Heck, I don't even read the backs of books.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - So what entices you to see a movie or read a book? Granted, I don't necessarily read the backs of books of series I'm reading. I've already been hooked by the first book, so I don't need to know what the rest of them are about. Still, for someone new to me, I not only read the blurb, I read the first few pages before I purchase it.