Monday, June 6, 2016

Penguins, Walking, RAGT, and the Dentist

Well, no chance of the Penguins sweeping the Sharks now (they are up 2-1, though). I was hoping they would because I’ll be at the Annual Reader Author Get Together (RAGT) on Thursday and really didn’t want to watch Game 5 at the hotel. At least the game is supposed to be on NBC, so I shouldn’t have any problems seeing it in my room. But I’ll miss watching it with my daughter. And getting my game-day smoothie.

Whatever will I do???

**Must look to see if there is a Tropical Smoothie Café located near hotel**

Drat. There isn’t. Guess I’ll have to find something else.

Last week (Mon-Fri) I walked over 10,000 steps each day. I’ve never done that before. The weekend? Not even close. I think I was too pooped! J But I will continue with my quest to walk to and from the fitness center during the week.

Until Thursday, that is.

I’m co-hosting one of the pre-con rooms (with Teri Anne Stanley and Meg Cooper) at RAGT and I need to be there by 10. Which means I need to leave at 9. Which means I ain’t walking. J I doubt I walk on Friday, too.

Why is it when you’re away from home, your routine crashes? Or maybe it’s just me. Well, I’m sure my feet will appreciate the break. Although I will be at a con; I might get that walking in anyway. **fingers crossed**

Today I will see the dentist about my broken crown/cap/whatever-it’s-called. That should be fun (not). Well, at least it shouldn’t be painful (yet). I’m sure that’ll come later. I’ll report the findings in the comments later today.

So… How’s your week looking?

Happy Monday!



JeffO said...

Hopefully, you'll get good (and painless) news about your tooth!

Week's looking busy: board meeting Thursday, big event to prep for on Saturday, and all the other stuff I have to do.

You won't feel the same way, no doubt, but I thought game 3 was the most entertaining of the 3 so far. Hoping for good hockey!

Maria Zannini said...

Hope you can get your tooth filled soon. I need to replace a filling, but I've been putting it off. My cleaning comes up next month. I'll probably get it down right after that.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Everyone -- Crown is okay! Yay! Just a cosmetic issue. Dentist sanded down the rough spot (where the porcelain chipped) and said I was good to go. Whew! You don't know what a relief that is.

Jeff - I'm sure NBC would LOVE this series to go into seven games for entertainment issues. I, and every Pens fan I know, do NOT! It's more about protecting my poor heart! And OT? Ugh! I hated it.

Maria - I try not to put anything off when it comes to my teeth. Bacteria forms too quickly. And then there's my whole heart issue. Gotta keep my teeth in good order.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Glad to see the dental issues were an easy fix!

You could always catch the game in the hotel bar--but of course! And get a frozen tropical drink--close enough to a smoothie, yes?

I'm hoping to get a lot of writing in this week. Have fun at RAGT!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - If I had a drink-drink, I'd go to sleep. That won't do! :)

Stephanie Faris said... issues are the worst. I've been getting my 10,000 steps in a day but get treadmill is now shutting down 45-50 minutes into my walk. I have actually worn out my treadmill. So why am I not thinner?! Tomorrow I'm going treadmill shopping.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Stephanie - "Why am I not thinner?!" Hmmm... I ask myself that every day!!! Getting old is the pits. :)