Monday, May 7, 2018

Updates on the House, Writing, and Hockey

We have an official walk-through date on the new house: May 23rd. I will be taking TONS of pictures then (I hope). But today I’m sharing two of the pictures the developer sent and others I was able to take yesterday. We’ve got siding! Okay, partly sided. Inside, it’s all painted and flooring goes down next. Here are the pictures:

All painted!

We have cabinets!
Shot taken from outside (glare from the sun).
This is our bedroom. Door to the left is the
bathroom. Straight ahead through the door
is the kitchen area.

Siding is still being added, but the stone is all there.

Siding being added to the back of the house. Can you tell it's green?

Wish they sent more inside pictures. I want to see the bathrooms! Is that strange or what?

We have a closing date of May 29th. Which means we’ll be moving in the following week (provided I find a mover that won’t charge a fortune). Seems unreal. But I can’t wait. I want it done with.

I finished the revisions to Alien Desires on Saturday. Now I will start the process of re-reading the whole thing and making sure I didn’t screw something up. But I’m so impressed with myself. I not only have been writing up a storm on In Love With a Vampire, but got these revisions done, too. It was a challenge I gave myself and I’m happy to report I succeeded!

Look at that… I am growing as a writer. J

And writing has been going super good, too, along with being FUN again. Right now I have no idea how my WIP will end, but it’ll come to me eventually. It always does!

Tonight is Game 6 of Round 2 between Pittsburgh and Washington. Between this series and the Vegas/San Jose games, I’ll be lucky if I have any nails left on my fingers. These games have been brutally stressful. But hey, at least Vegas won their series last night. No Game 7 for them. Whew!

Wednesday I leave to visit my Mom for a week. Game 7 for the Pens/Caps series just happens to be scheduled on that same day. And I truly have no doubt there will be a Game 7. I just hope I get to WATCH it. I don’t know if Mom has NBCSN. And seeing as I will be just arriving, don’t know how kosher it would be if I turned around and found a place that showed the game. Think that would be rude? Hmmm…

JeffO – Sorry about your team. Even though most Pens fans don’t care for Boston, I didn’t care one way or the other. But man, what was with all that licking?

So… What was the last thing you challenged yourself with? Did you succeed?

Happy Monday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

House is looking great. Wild to think you'll be living in it in a month, right?
Penguins are not making it easy on us, are they?

Maria Zannini said...

Man, they are fast. I'm so excited for you.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - The Penguins NEVER make it easy on the fans.

Maria - I'm excited, too!