Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday Reads and I Hate Windows 10

Windows 10 did an update on my computer Monday night. Tuesday morning, my Excel no longer worked. I am not a happy camper.

I knew this day would eventually come, because software programs never last forever, do they. I have Excel 2003 and LOVE 2003 because it’s simple and I know where everything is (mostly). I downloaded LibreOffice, but not sure I like it. Might have to give it time. But if I want to keep updating my writing spreadsheet, I guess I better figure it out soon.

I hate WINDOWS 10! Why can’t they just leave the stupid program ALONE????

And no, I won’t switch to a Mac. I hate their keyboards. And I won’t go to a newer version of Excel. Too much on the screen. It would drive me bonkers.

To top it all off, our A/C is on the fritz (no wonder I’ve been so hot!), and the oil decided to leak out of the fun car yesterday and all over the garage and driveway. Can this week get any worse? Wait, don’t answer that.

Here’s what I finished reading this week:

Book #19

Dates read: May 7-22
Title: The Red Lily
Year of publication: 2017
Author: Juliette Cross
Genre: Paranormal romance
Series: Vampire Blood #2
# of Pages: 248
Paper or plastic: Nook e-book
How obtained: Purchased
Blurb from Goodreads: The Black Lily resistance needs a larger army if they are to defeat the vampire monarchy. In order to do so, former lieutenant and traitor to the vampire Crown, Nikolai must seek help from the red-hooded temptress he needs to avoid at all costs. The secret he carries could prove dangerous for her if she gets too close...even though keeping her close—very close—is the only thing on his mind.
    Sienna will do anything for the Black Lily, and when Nikolai asks for her assistance to gain the trust of the commonwealth, it's the last thing she wants to do. The thought of leaving her woods and her wolves behind is terrifying...not to mention the danger being with Nikolai poses.
My thoughts: Despite taking so long to read, I did enjoy this story. Too much going on in my life, I guess. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. If you prefer a historical feel to your paranormal romance, give this book a try, because this is certainly not a contemporary series.

So… How’s your week going? I’m hoping today’s tour of our new house will lift my spirits. They could certainly use some lifting.

Happy Reading!



JeffO said...

The good news? The oil didn't leak out all over the garage and driveway of your new house!

We got out Windows 10 update--now our home network is completely effed. I can get to the internet and I can print, but I can't see my wife's computer or access the expansion drive that ALL MY WRITING is on.

And Windows help is a complete joke.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No, it can only get better.
You'd laugh at how old my Adobe Acrobat program is. I don't use it often but it still works perfectly for what I need it to do.

Maria Zannini said...

Back when Windows 10 came out I started hearing complaints from people so when I bought my computer I asked the Best Buy geek to MAKE SURE that Windows 10 can't load itself on the sly.

Good to his word they disabled whatever it was that automatically updates it.

To this day, I'm glad I never let them install Windows 10.

Shari said...

GAH! My day's going much better than that. Reminds me, though, to check my oil, since I didn't have time to change it, paid a shop to do it a while back, but though I said "fully synthetic" they replaced it with partially synthetic. Which means I can't go 10K miles on it. I've already had to top it off once. And I'm heading towards 7K, so better to check. And carve out time to change it myself shortly thereafter. I hope your week gets better!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Yes, it IS good news that it happened here and not at the new house. Still have to clean up the mess, though. :(

Alex - I hope the week does get better. At least the tour through the new house was fun!

Maria - Wish my computer didn't come with 10. I just hate all these changes.

Shari - We just had the oil changed a month ago. Car has been sitting in the garage ever since (because we only drive it in nice weather being it's a convertible). I'm hoping it's just a faulty oil filter. Never a dull moment around here!