Thursday, December 26, 2019

Reading Update on Thursday!

I’m home. It took some doing. We were supposed to arrive home on Sunday evening, but ended up missing our connection in Atlanta (due to a late start in San Diego because of mechanical issues) and had to spend the night, so we didn’t get home until 11am on Monday. Really put a kink in my plans, but I managed to get everything wrapped and ready for Christmas and we had a great time. I hope your Christmas was great, too!

Since Wednesday was Christmas and I forgot to post on Tuesday night (because I was busy with family), you get my update today. I didn’t want to put it off too much longer, because it’s kind of lengthy. Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book #54

Dates read: December 17-18
Title: Cat Scratch Fever
Year of publication: 2016
Author: LC Alleyne
Genre: Paranormal romantic suspense
Series:  N/A
# of Pages: 94
Paper or plastic: Nook
How obtained: Purchased
Blurb from Goodreads:. Inspector Rafael Montigue’s ordered life turns chaotic when he detects the unexpected scent of a potential human mate amongst the political delegates he’s guarding. When terrorists attack, the only thing on Rafe’s mind is getting the woman to safety—and screw police protocol.
    Kristin Wallin has information that will bring down Brazilian Minister Teixeira’s drug ring. Working undercover as an executive assistant to the minister, the surprise attack finds Kristin trying to stay alive until a security agent with amazing green eyes drags her to safety. His version of safe is his cabin in the Norwegian forest, and Kristin isn’t complaining.
    Espionage and passion make a potent, dangerous mix. With the terrorists closing in, Rafe throws caution aside and exposes his panther shifter identity to Kristin, afraid that his chance at forever will run away. But Kristin surprises him with a few secrets of her own that make him look like an innocent kitty cat.
My thoughts: I’m trying out new-to-me authors and I’m sure I bought this because it is short (or maybe it was free, I don’t remember). However, this kind of story would have been sooooo much better as a longer novel. Sexual tension was lacking and all the events happened way too quickly for my taste. But it was an enjoyable story and kept my attention (even though I clamored for more). If you enjoy shorter stories like this, then give it a try. Yes, it has a sexy scene in it, too. Will I try this author again? I checked out her other books. All her stories are short like this, so … no. I like to be more involved in romance books and short ones just don’t do it for me.

I know, I should talk about short romantic stories, huh? I have a few out there. But I wrote them for other people, not me! Does that make sense?

Book #55

Dates read: December 19-20
Title: Angel Bait
Year of publication: 2013
Author: Tricia Skinner
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series:  Angel Assassin #1
# of Pages: 208
Paper or plastic: Nook
How obtained: Purchased
Blurb from Goodreads:. He’s not that kind of angel. Jarrid is a “Bound One”: half angel, half human, trained from childhood to enforce Heaven’s laws on earth. An assassin with no remorse. And no choice. When he discovers an ancient ritual called Ascension, which might give him a shot at freedom, he can’t resist his lifelong dream. He only needs to find one last Renegade angel and take him down…using a certain woman to flush the angel out of hiding.
    She’s not what he’s expecting. News reporter Ionie Gifford has no clue an outlaw angel wants her dead, much less why, but she does know one thing: the enigmatic Jarrid, with his penetrating silver eyes and his worship-worthy body, is her ticket to the city’s supernatural underworld, where she might finally be able to locate her mother’s killer. For that kind of information, she’s willing to risk everything...
    They can’t be together – but can’t keep apart… Blindsided by Ionie’s beauty and tenacity, Jarrid finds the millennia-old glacier around his heart melting. But when he’s faced with a choice, will he sacrifice Ionie for freedom from his brutal servitude—or agree to be bound for eternity to protect the life of the woman he’s falling in love with?
My thoughts: Another new-to-me author and I struck gold! This story was great. Love the romance, the tension, and the suspense! I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series.

Book #56

Dates read: December 21
Title: Hunger Revealed
Year of publication: 2012
Author: Dee Carney
Genre: Paranormal
Series:  Vampire Hunger #1.5
# of Pages: 92
Paper or plastic: Nook
How obtained: Free
Blurb from Goodreads:. ~A between the books short~ It’s no wonder Corin Gerulatis is cautious about his wife’s safety… One year ago, she became a vampire. One year ago, she’d been tortured by someone who thought she was a new breed of vampire. Fortunately for them both, one year ago, Jasmine met and fell in love with Corin, a vampire executioner. Jasmine is overwhelmingly stifled by her husband’s overprotective nature. But she’s sure the danger has passed and they can now enjoy a simple life together. When a routine shopping trip ends with Jasmine’s abduction however, they face not only trying to get her out, but also putting an end to the demons haunting Corin. They’ll get back to that simple life…if they survive.
My thoughts: When you have books on your reader and are looking for something to read, it would be nice if the blurb was included in the book. Or even the series #. I wouldn’t have bothered reading this little … nothing. Because that’s what it is without having read Book 1. It’s nothing important to me. Meant nothing. And I’m not so sure I care to read Book 1 now, since I basically KNOW what going to happen. Not so sure this freebie was meant for someone who hasn’t read the series. But this “book” has been on my reader for a long time, so I thought I would finally read it. Oh well, it passed the time and it’s no longer on my list to read. But a warning: don’t read this if you haven’t read Book 1 yet.

Book #57

Dates read: December 21-22
Title: Taken
Year of publication: 2019
Author: Rebecca Zanetti
Genre: Romantic suspense
Series:  Deep Ops #1.5
# of Pages: 106
Paper or plastic: Nook
How obtained: Purchased
Blurb from Goodreads:. Hunter Holt might be the most stubborn ex-soldier ever born, but when he’s called on to help find a lost foster kid, he jumps into action. Even if it means working with the woman who broke his heart five years ago—the woman who still haunts his dreams . . .
    Faye Smith has spent five long years trying to get her life back on track. She knows she should’ve turned toward Hunter and not away from him. But they both had too many demons to destroy. Maybe now they’ll get another chance—and save someone else’s life too . . .
    But first they’ll have to stop arguing long enough to trust the Deep Ops team. Hunter was a lost boy himself once. In fact, he ran away from the exact same man, their monster of a father. Now he and Faye will have to unite to find the brother he never knew—and maybe each other...
My thoughts: This was a good read, and you don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy this one. I did like how there were some Easter Egg characters in this from her other paranormal series, though (and this series is not paranormal in any way shape or form). That was fun. I really like this series and look forward to reading the next book in line.

I really enjoyed the time I had on this cruise to read. And I’m so glad I enjoyed reading again (even those books that weren’t all that great). I almost thought maybe something was wrong with me. I gotta remember to always put some reading time into my day. Life can’t always be writing and social media. Oh, and watching TV (I’m currently watching Season 4 of The X Files).

So … How was your Christmas? I was so happy to spend the entire day with my family. My daughter, son, and daughter-in-law were able to spend the whole day. We watched Die Hard and Die Hard 2. If I wasn’t busy cooking dinner, I might have suggested playing a game, but cooking doesn’t always put me in a great mood. Thankfully, it was mostly prepared (I just had to reheat everything), and there were instructions that worked, too! Shocker! And now we have tons of leftovers, so we’ll be eating in for the next few days, I’m sure.

Happy Reading!


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