Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Reading Update

I’m late again. Days are just kind of blurring together. Didn’t help that I spent last night watching “Dave” and “The American President” in honor of Election Day. Of course, if I had it together (brain-wise), I would have posted this before starting that marathon. Oh well…

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book #44

Dates read:
October 28-November 2
Title: Begging for Trouble
Year of publication: 2011
Author: Judi McCoy
Genre: Mystery
Series: Dog Walker Mystery #4
# of Pages: 316
Paper or plastic: Mass market paperback
How obtained: Purchased from author
Blurb from book: Rob Chesney has been one of Ellie’s favorite clients for some time, but she only recently discovered how he makes his living: as a famous drag queen. When she gets free tickets to his latest show, she can’t resist the opportunity to drag along her tough-guy NYPD boyfriend, Sam, to watch Rob strut his stuff and embarrass her man.
    The screams aren’t all for the killer dance numbers, though. Backstage, Rob is discovered, weapon in hand, kneeling over a dead body. Sam is obliged to cuff him then and there, but Ellie knows Rob is innocent, and intends to get the truth out of the one who saw it all: a Poodle-Chihuahua mix named Bitsy.
    From the streets of Manhattan to the den of a pet psychic, Ellie and Bitsy will go wherever it takes to bone up on the night’s troubling events.
My thoughts: I keep waiting for Ellie to tell Sam (or even her best friend) that she can talk to dogs, but so far…nothing. Maybe in the next book? Hmmm… Still enjoying this series, though. It’s a fun one if you like cozy-type mysteries.

So… reading anything good? How are your reading goals (if you had any)? I’m ahead, which hasn’t happened in a looooonnnnng time.  

Happy Reading!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those are both really good movies. I avoided anything political yesterday though.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - My daughter even came and watched with us. Said she approved of our choices!