Sunday, January 24, 2010


I envy people who can think on their feet. My husband is one of those people and it always amazes me how fast he can react. Me – I come up with good “come-back” lines hours after I need them. When I’m asked “do you have any questions,” I say no, but realize hours later that I do.

I think the reason I’m like that is because I think my mind needs time to “simmer” information. And I proved it to myself just this morning.

Saturday I went to a useful workshop on writing. It was about creating motivation and personalities for your characters. There were writing exercises, but I wasn’t able to complete most of them. I need more than two minutes to think. But I tried. I had some ideas for Book 3, so I thought I would work on those characters. Not much was written by the time I left the workshop at 5:00pm.

But – lo and behold – when I woke up this morning, I thought of a conversation with him and my main character from Book 1 & 2. My mind “simmered” overnight, and wha-la – I discovered his motivation!

So, it’s nice to know I didn’t waste my money on that workshop. It had some useful information after all. I just wasn’t able to process it all until today!

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