Monday, May 31, 2010

Vote Please - Pretty Please?

I'm still undecided in which name I would like to publish under, provided I ever get that far.  But I raised an Eagle Scout, so I know all about "Be Prepared".

I originally thought I would use Stacy Thurber as a pen name.  It's my maiden name, it's kind of famous (if you are familiar with James Thurber, that is), and I would answer to it (even though I have been Stacy McKitrick longer than I was Stacy Thurber). 

So my husband went out and snagged the domain name.  You never know, right?

Then I wondered if it just wouldn't be easier to stick with my legal name.  It's what's out there on this blog.  And as I mentioned before, I have been Stacy McKitrick longer (eight years longer and counting) than I was Stacy Thurber.

So my husband went out and snagged that domain name, too.  Yes - BE PREPARED.

Of course, you can get to my website with either or  It'll go to the same site (I didn't want to confuse anyone, in the rare instance anyone actually wanted to visit my site).  Then I thought of a good way to use my blog - Take a poll!

So, on the column to the right is a place you can vote.  Which name sounds best to you?  And if you don't like either, then don't vote.  I thought about putting that as an option, but seeing as how I will write under one of those names, I didn't think it would do me any good.

The votes may help me decide, may help me lean more one way than the other.  If I ever snag an agent, they may have some imput as well.  But voting can be fun, and I wanted to put some reader interaction on this blog.  Hope you join in the fun and vote!


Central Coast said...

Hey Stacy... Your sister here... I have a couple of points to make. 1. This blog hasn't been around long enough to consider it as a reason to stay with your legal name. 2. If you go with Thurber you may be expected to be funny. How about Elizabeth McKitrick?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hey - My book has some humor in it! Not James Thurber humor, but there are funny parts.

But really - Elizabeth? You apparently forgot how much I hate that name.