Monday, August 1, 2011


I love listening to music. Especially at work (and the car!). A quiet place is a boring place (or a place to read).

I've brought some radios to work to listen, but the radio stations in the Dayton area leave a lot to be desired, and the radios themselves were cheap and lousy, so I listened to music on line. Only problem is that it would cut out on a whim and I'd have to restart the station. Kind of a drag.

Then a new radio station appeared in Dayton, playing the type of music I want to hear. So using the Barnes & Noble gift card I received for my birthday, I ordered a GOOD radio (one that plays my iPod, too – and is an alarm clock to boot). I received it on Friday. Plugged it in. The radio was great. And the display was digital (so I knew I was getting the station I wanted). I was all set.

I bring the radio to work, crawl under my desk and plug it in. I turn it on and – NOTHING!

Apparently our building is heavily fortified or I'm just too far away from the new station (there is a 22 mile difference between my home and my work) or the new station doesn't have a strong signal. Yes, I'm bummed.

But I can listen to them on-line. I guess it beats listening to a Los Angeles station (I'm in the same time zone for one), and they do play the music I want to hear. Unfortunately, they also cut out for no reason whatsoever. Oh well. What's an employee to do?

If I ever get sick of the on-line radio cutting out, at least I can listen to my iPod. Provided I keep the physical radio at work. My bedside alarm clock needs replacing, but I like the red display (and this new one is greenish). We'll see.


Jennette Marie Powell said...

There's a good radio station in Dayton? Where? LOL

We used to have good stations around here, before they all got sucked up into corporate conglomerates.

I have to listen to mp3s at work on my computer, or my phone (depending on if I'm at a client site or not). Luckily I have a good stock, but sometimes I get tired of what I have, since it's also what I have in the car.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Yes, Jennette! I found a good radio station. Click 101.5.

I have tons of music on my iPod, but I want to listen to new stuff, too. I tend to like the Alternative type of music. So I listen to the iPod in my car (when I don't listen to AltNation on XM/Sirius) and listen to the regular radio at work. I tried listening to my iPod at work, but I felt the need to pause the sucker everytime I got up (and I get up a lot).