Friday, November 25, 2011

Movie Day

Went and saw "Tower Heist" today for Movie Day (or as others like to call this day – Black Friday). It wasn't the best movie we've seen on Movie Day and not the worst, either.

It definitely had its funny and its "oh you got to be kidding me" moments. And there were scenes where my daughter wanted to "shoot Ben Stiller through the head" (she is not a fan of his, can you tell?). But overall, the move was better than most expected and we had fun. That's the important part, right?

Tomorrow is THE game for us Ohio State fans. Yeah, the one against Michigan. And the quarterback for the Buckeyes (Braxton Miller) attended the same high school my kids did (we saw him play quarterback for the Wayne Warriors and take us to the state championship game last year). I'll be glued to the television during that game. I hope he plays well. I hope they all play well. I hope they win. Go Bucks!!


The Happy Whisk said...

Did your team win? I think you're right about the cute dogs. They just KNOW.

Stacy McKitrick said...

My team did not win. It was a sad day :(