Monday, November 21, 2011

My WIP and Ringtones

While waiting in line for BREAKING DAWN, I talked about my current WIP with my daughter (yeah, big surprise there – I'll talk about it to anyone who'll listen). I needed some help with a ringtone.

My hero assigns ringtones to everyone he knows, and for those he doesn't, Who Are You by The Who will play. As I wrote a recent scene, I realized he needed a song for the heroine (of which I put a marker [ENTER SONG APPROPRIATE FOR BRIDGET] to let me know to do some research).

I didn't need the information right away (and I would have eventually searched my iPod and other sources once the book was complete), but since my daughter and I were just sitting there waiting in line, I thought she might have an idea of what kind of song my hero would use. And boy, did she.

I don't know how she knew of this song. It's not exactly a popular song (doesn't even show up on the group's best sellers CD), and it took me awhile to find it on the Internet. But Poison's She's My Cherry Pie is PERFECT. Of course, it seems to have been also done by Warrant (a group I've never heard of) and I found their video on YouTube.

I realized I now have to have my hero love cherry pie. It would only be fitting, right?


LD Masterson said...

I love assigning ring tones to my characters' phones, which is odd because I don't do it on my own phone.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda - I know you posted something... I got the e-mail. Anyway, I laughed at your comment. I don't use ringtones, either, but it is fun letting my characters do it.

Thanks for commenting, even if it doesn't show on my computer!!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Oh man, now that song's stuck in my head LOL! And it's the Warrant version. Eighties metal, yeah!

I like ringtones, but I'm too lazy to find and assign different ones to different people - I just use one for everyone. However, I do have a heroine in another book who does what your hero does. :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

I'm like you, Jennette. Ringtones are cool, but I'm not only lazy, I'm cheap. Plus, my phone is OLD. I think if I had too many ringtones, I'd never know when my phone rings - although it rings so infrequently!

That song is catchy, though. I'm glad my daughter introduced it to me!