Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Status Update

While people have been doing NaNo, I've been doing my own gig.

First, I thought I'd try blogging everyday, Mon – Fri. Except for Nov 1 (because the idea came later), I've done that. I even threw in a couple of weekends. And you know what I learned? Blogging everyday is HARD. I just hope I can continue the rest of this month. Only one more day after this!

I've also written everyday in November, except on the 3rd when I had a writers meeting to attend after work, and no time during work to write – yeah, bad me. Still, that's pretty darn good. I guess when you have a goal to finish a WIP by year's end, that can motivate a person to write every day. Well, it did for me.

Now come Friday, I'll be on a hiatus of sorts (no internet access for at least a week), so I will not continue my daily blogging into December. I'll try and blog more often, though. I really enjoy the comments and seem to get them more often when I blog more often. Or is it because I visit more blogs? I visit more when I write more, so it's hard to tell.

So, have you done anything unusual for you in November?

And in case you need a reminder, Round 4 of the WRiTE CLUB is now in session. It's a toughy this time around, but I managed to vote. Hope you can do the same. I know DL will appreciate it.


DL Hammons said...

WRiTE CLUB is the closest I've come to posting on a schedule...and that started in November. And you're right, Round 4 is a toughy! Thanks for the mention!! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

I found your blog probably from you posting more. Think I saw your post on a blogroll somewhere. At any rate, have a great time away.

Cheers and Boogie Boogie.

Stacy McKitrick said...

DL - Sometimes I think if you have a project, it's a little easier. Maybe that's what I need to do. Then again, that requires thought. Maybe not!

Whisk - I plan to Boogie Boogie all right!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I tried blogging every day back when I started my first blog in 2006 - you're right, it IS hard!!! Enough that it only lasted a month or so - and I wasn't even doing weekends. Congrats on getting so much accomplished with that AND your writing! That's what I loved about NaNo the time I did it - it really shows us what we're capable of. Now if I could just finish this revision LOL. Have a great vacation!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I guess it's good I only plan on doing this daily blog thing in November, then. I certainly don't want to burn out completely! Good luck on your revisions, but I'm sure you won't need it. Thanks for stopping by!