Friday, May 2, 2014

Pictures From the Cher Concert!

Here are some pictures I took at the Cher concert my hubby and I attended. Can you spot Cher?

She's being lowered from the ceiling. The best shot I got of her on the stage (because she was up high)!

You know, I don't think Cher's in this one. Some hunky guys are, though! :) This was the intro to "Half Breed."

Cher is sitting down in this shot, not wearing much (or at least that's the way it seems...).

Cher actually did a "duet" with Sonny ("I've Got You, Babe"), which was rather cool. Here, old photos of Sonny and Cher are shown while Cher is singing on stage wearing the red dress.

Another outfit, another set. She's pretty quick with those costume changes (but then, I guess she's had LOTS of practice!).

Mmmm... Wouldn't have minded seeing more of those hunky men.

Cher is inside the Trojan horse.

Sometimes I just couldn't see much of the stage. There were two big screen sets that helped me see her better. As you can see, she still wears those revealing costumes!

Another revealing costume (no way could I capture THAT from a stage picture).

On the finale, she was transported over the audience. Kind of cool seeing her up closer!

My husband thought it was the best concert he'd been to. I enjoyed it a lot, too (although I'm still partial to Muse). It will probably be the LAST time we get floor seats, though. Too far away from the stage and we got "lucky" and some Amazon woman sat right in front of us. I swear, she was over 6' tall, and kind of big around, too.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, even if they aren't all that good. It was the best my little camera could do, though.

Have a nice weekend!




Bonnie Gill said...

OMG I bet that concert was awesome. She looks fabulous.
Didn't Sonny die? I thought he died? Maybe I'm wrong.
I would have loved to be there.
Did you used to watch the Sonny & Cher show? I never missed it.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Bonnie - Yeah, Sonny died. She used him on film to sing that duet. It was pretty cool. I loved the Sonny and Cher show, too! It was one of my favorites. I remember an episode after Mark Spitz had won those 7 gold medals where guest-starred on the show. Cher couldn't get over how bad an actor he was, and made sure to say it several times! It was hilarous (and sooo true).

The Happy Whisk said...

And kind of big around too, you crack me up. Looks like a good time overall. Happy weekend.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - I do my best to crack you up any chance I get. Good to see I succeeded! :)

Sandra Cox said...

Oh my gosh. That sounds like an amazing concert. I'd love to see her perform.

Michael Seese said...

It looks like quite a show. But for spectacle, I'll take Kiss.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Sandra - It was pretty awesome.

Michael - I never was a Kiss fan. I know I've probably heard their music, but I couldn't tell you any of their songs.

The Happy Whisk said...

You do a great job. You one funny chick. I appreciate that. And hey, guess what? No snow for my area this weekend. Even I'm sick of it.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - We had a beautiful weekend. Almost didn't need a jacket! :)