Friday, July 25, 2014

I’m CAVING: One Smart Phone Coming Up

picture of my iphone with Bite Me cover on it
If I can't put my cover on my phone,
what good is the phone?
Yes, yes, yes. The day is finally arriving. This old woman is finally caving in and upgrading her 2004 (2006? Who knows!) Cingular One (yes, Cingular!) flip phone to an iPhone 4.

My husband brought one home last week for me to play with. I’ve added the Facebook app and my e-mail accounts and have been using free wi-fi to play around with it. I’m still not keen on it, but Dragon*Con is coming up (sssssooooonnnnn!!!!) and I kind of want to use their app. And maybe post pictures on Facebook as I take them.

Plus, I realized that I already take forever to send a text, so sending one on the iPhone will be just as slow, only in a different way (I really hate it when I can’t feel the keyboard). And the only person who ever really calls me is my husband, so it’s not like I’m talking on the thing all the time.

Of course, my wanting to upgrade has kind of back-fired on my husband. He’s been telling me for-ev-er (I swear, it feels that way) that I should get one. Thing is, he’s been using MY iTunes account (I have an iPod) for his own iPhone. Ooops.

So we have to resolve that first. I say he has to get his own account and figure out how to transfer everything over. We’re hoping he’ll be able to do that, because he doesn’t think my account will accommodate two iPhones. Hell, I don’t know why not. It already accommodates all my iPods (I have a classic and a shuffle), along with his iPhone. What’s another device?

Looks like we’ll be visiting AT&T tomorrow. And if they can’t help us, we’ll walk over to the Apple store around the corner. Someone’s gotta know. Their website certainly doesn’t tell us anything (or if the information is there, it’s hidden very well).

And for some super-duper good news… I got my first 5-star review HERE. And a fan! Sure made my week.

So… What are you up to this weekend? Hope it’s a goodie!




JeffO said...

Resist the phone! Resist the phone!

Ignore me, I'm a technophobe. Congrats on your five-star, and have a great weekend.

Sandra Cox said...

Way to go, girl. On the fan and the review.
And here I thought I was the only hold out..I got my phone a couple of months ago. Love your cover on your phone:)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - It's kind of silly for me to resist the phone now. We're switching to a new plan which means we're not only paying LESS a month, but I'll pay the same whether or not I have a smart phone. Might as well use the smart phone.

Sandra - Yeah, I'm real slow at adapting! But I'm okay with the iPhone4. I don't need anything fancy (or huge).

The Happy Whisk said...

I love the excited voice of this post. Great cover.