Monday, July 7, 2014

We Were Only Going to Buy One Mattress

Yesterday ended up being an expensive day.

After breakfast, the hubby and I decided to head over to the furniture store and see about replacing the mattress on the guest bed. That mattress is apparently hard, or super-firm. I haven’t slept on it, but others have and no one seems to like it.

While checking out the mattresses (because they expect you to lay on them even though we aren’t the ones who are going to sleep on the sucker), my hubby decided he wanted to replace our own bed (which is a king size).

Now, I knew he wanted to replace it. He’s been complaining about our bed for years. In fact, when we were at the JW Marriott in New Orleans (for the RT Convention), he fell in love with THEIR bed, but couldn’t pull the trigger and purchase one (and yes, they do sell them on-line!).

So I went along with him, trying out other beds (unbeknownst to the salesman, I think) until he thought he’d found “it.” And it was a nice bed; called a hybrid (mix of foam and springs). $1500. We still wanted the full size mattress for the guest bed, though (we picked out a plush—a lot softer than the old mattress). $700.

But…. When my husband told the nice salesman (and he was nice) about our experience at the JW Marriott, the salesman waved hubby over and asked him to try out this other hybrid bed.

It was nice. A little firmer than the one my hubby had been sold on, but he liked it better. $2600. He didn’t know if he liked it THAT much better. I told him it wasn’t my shoulder that was keeping me up at night; he had to choose. He asked if it came softer.

Oh boy, did it ever!

We tested that mattress and practically fell in love. Of course, it cost more. $2800. Hubby didn’t care.


Thank goodness Morris Furniture was offering 48 months same as cash.

We did get a $200 gift card in our purchase, which we used for the frame and mattress cover/protector/whatever. And the $700 mattress we originally came in for ended up only costing around $550.

Our old bed is not even 7 years old and will be transferred to my son’s former room (which is currently used to store gift wrap and my TBR books—the books will stay, the gift wrap…I don’t know yet). Meaning we’ll have TWO guest rooms now.

Everything will arrive next Tuesday. Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of cleaning!

The rest of the weekend was pretty nice. Weather was absolutely beautiful. Drove around in the convertible a lot and loved it. We’re back to having storms tonight. Figures. Better on Monday than the weekend though, right?

So…have you gone into a store expecting to buy one thing and coming out with way more than you expected?




Maria Zannini said...

What's the name of this hybrid? We're in the market for a new mattress too, but we haven't decided to go traditional or tempurpedic.

All my friends rave about the tempurpedic but some claim it's hot to sleep on and that would be a deal-breaker for hubby.

I'd hate to make a mistake on such a big expense that I'd have to live with for years.

PS Sweet dreams!

Stacy McKitrick said...

The bed we bought is a Stears-Foster (which is part of the Sealy family). The top part is the memory foam, but it's supported with double coils (wrapped coils within wrapped coils). They also had some beds with these gel things that helped regulate the body temperature. I didn't check those out, though. But yeah, I know about the expense. Doesn't seem that long ago when we purchased the LAST bed (and it wasn't cheap, either).

Sandra Cox said...

Mattresses are so darn expensive. I want one of those that you can raise and lower electronically.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Sandra - Expensive, but necessary, right? I don't read in bed, so those that can raise don't interest me, but I know they're a LOT more expensive!

The Happy Whisk said...

Hopefully it will last awhile. And same as cash is a good deal. When we got our sleigh bed (gorgeous), and mattress, along with dresser, we did the zero interest store card.

Great way to go.

Bonnie Gill said...

Those beds at the Marriot are really nice.
We bought a new used bedroom set yesterday. My boyfriend wanted a Tommy Bahamma bedroom set and we found a used look a like on Craig's List. The only thing is it's a queen. The good news, they still sell the set online. So now we will have an extra Queen bed but we have to buy the king and a mattress. So close to $2500 dollars.
I told him since he bought something off of craig's list I wanted something. I found this huge gargoyle for $15. We had to drive over an hour to pick it up but it was so worth it.
I hope you enjoy your new mattress.

The Happy Whisk said...

Hey, Stacy. Got your comment. No, I'm not a drop hints, kind of gal. We're both open with what we like and want for gifts. It makes life soooo much easier.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - We go for the same as cash deal any chance we get, especially when paying cash doesn't get you a better deal! And I'm with you on the "dropping hints." I tell my hubby what I want, since he doesn't usually GET hints anyway! :)

Bonnie - You're going to have to post a picture of your gargoyle on your blog, now. I want to see that sucker! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

That's great to hear on both counts. I love to not pay interest. We did that with Wilma (our washer). Thought we'd head out to get Betty (new dryer), but not yet because the old one is still doing well.

Knock on wood.

Yeah, I don't get wives that drop hints and then get huffy. Just be straight forward, I say. So much nicer that way. Besides, who has time for games?

Sandra Cox said...

Just stopped by to say hey. And yeah most definitely necessary:)

Michael Seese said...

I don't. But I'm a tightwad. Apropos of nothing, our current mattress is memory foam. And we like it.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Sandra - Hey, back!

Michael - I'm a tightwad, too, so there was NO WAY I was going to choose the bed. :)