Monday, January 11, 2016

Convention Prizes, My Laptop, and a Book Sale

Hey, look at this! I remembered Monday follows Sunday and got something posted! J

Woke up to snow yesterday. And wind. And cold. I hate winter, but have set 4 books in that season. Guess it makes good conflict for my characters. I certainly don’t mind tormenting them with lousy weather!

It’s official – I will be attending the Reader/Author Get Together (RAGT) this June in West Chester, Ohio. I’ll be co-sponsoring a Thursday pre-con boardroom with authors Teri Anne Stanley, Meg Cooper, and Eden Ashe. Of course, sponsoring means swag and prizes. I ordered these mugs to giveaway (one for the boardroom, one for the gift basket I’ll donate). Aren’t they the coolest?


I like them so much I’ll probably get some for RomCon (Denver convention 9/30-10/1). I need a basket to giveaway there, too.

I’m also crocheting some pot holders for RAGT that say READ MORE BOOKS (I’ll take a picture when I finish one). I’ll make as many as I can, they may come in handy for RomCon, too. Or any kind of giveaway! Especially if I can get my name on it easily. I’m hoping I can stich it on the back. Gotta have my name on them somewhere!

Since I had the camera out to take pics of my mugs, thought I’d take one of Big Red, too. Isn’t he pretty?


Dell kept bugging me to review my new laptop. Since I’m sure they couldn’t care less that I love the color the best (or maybe they do care), I only gave the laptop 4 out of 5 stars. There’s some goofy stuff happening and I don’t know if it’s the laptop or Windows 10. I do also love my back lit keyboard and made sure to mention that.

I also said I wasn’t a techy or gamer, that I was just a writer and it worked fine for that. And it does.

Hey—in case anyone is interested, the e-book of Bite Me, I’m Yours is on sale at Amazon, Kobo, and iBooks for $1.99 (you can find buy links on my website HERE). Don’t know how long the sale will last (or if B&N will eventually have it). I just stumbled across it.

Saturday night's football game was nerve wracking. I was so sure the Steelers were going to lose. So glad the Bengals played stupidly. Next up—Denver on Sunday. Whoo hoo!

So…Do you like being bugged to review (cause if you do, I can bug you—haha!)? Dell did it. Windows 10 did it. These weren’t e-mails, but pop ups on my screen. So annoying! I was tempted to review low. Oh wait… I did on Windows 10. Then again, I’m not a fan.

Have a great Monday. Hope no one or nothing bugs you!



Michael Seese said...

Wow! Pop ups from the OS and/or computer? That's annoying.

And I think Cincy may have been one of the biggest chokes this year.

JeffO said...

Didn't see the game, but watching the replay and given my understanding of the rules, Porter should have been flagged for being on the field. Steelers caught a bit of a break on that one! And what a crazy turn of events!

I hate being pestered. Yahoo ticks me off, because every NFL game day (which felt like it was just about every day this season), when I would pop in to visit a particular hockey blog, they would throw in a pop up asking me to get in one whatever NFL gambling scam they had going on. I'm on a hockey blog, guys, get the message!

Maria Zannini said...

The coffee mugs turned out good!

Re: pop ups
Amazon has been bugging me relentlessly not only for reviews, but questions from would-be buyers about the product.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - Cincinnati is its own worst enemy.

Jeff - I just hate popups! They're all annoying.

Maria - I've been getting those e-mails from Amazon, too. Thing is, they were ALL gifts.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Those mugs are cute!

I ignore requests for reviews. (I'd review yours, but it would probably be yanked.) When I upgraded my Win 8.1 Dell laptop to 10, I did get popups asking me to buy Office 360. My response? NO. I hit Google pronto, and found how to get rid of them. It's under Settings -> Apps and Notifications, in case you're curious.

And go Steelers!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Funny thing is, on alerts I get that I want more information on, I can't get it (like that glitch I'm having). I clicked on the "notification" and it went away. If I had wanted it to go away, I would have clicked on the X!! Grrr...

Stephanie Faris said...

I love your red laptop! Someone had a hot pink MacBook Pro and I looked for appears it's a cover that just snaps on. So now I want one of those to make my MacBook hot pink!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Stephanie - When I saw it came in red, I was SOLD! Still, I made sure Hubby looked at it to make sure it passed his test. So glad it did. Of course, if it came in pink, I would have gotten that one. I love pink!