Friday, January 22, 2016

How Much Snow?

Okay, I’m ready for winter to be over already. And I’m not even living in the path of the blizzard that’s forecasted!

Thanks goodness.

But if you’re in the path, I wish you the best success: no power failures. Blizzards tend to mean heavy winds, right? And heavy winds wreak havoc on power lines. Not to mention what the weight of all that snow does. I hope you’re safe. I truly do.

We’re only expected to get about an inch and it’s supposed to start Friday afternoon. If it’s falling heavy by dinnertime, I might tell hubby to forget about going out. I can find something to cook, I’m sure.

Living on a cruise ship during the winter isn’t sounding so bad right about now, is it? I think I could do it. Sure beats shoveling snow.

So… What’s the most snow you’ve seen at one time? Or maybe, where’s the most snow you’ve seen at one time? I lived in Alaska for a few years, but the most snow I saw at one time was when we were living in New Jersey (1982-1987). It had to be over a foot of snow. I remember Alex, our cat, jumping into the yard and disappearing! Yes, he was a strange cat.

Stay warm!



JeffO said...

The day my first child was born we had something like 16" of snow fall through the day. A couple years back I think we got about two feet in one storm here, which probably ranks as my highest in one storm total. We're supposed to be out of the path, too. Have a great weekend!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I went to college in the Upper Peninsula - on the sunny shores of Lake Superior. I don't remember exact amounts, but I do remember walking down sidewalks that were more like tunnels through the snow. There's one place up there with a tree-high pole next to the road that indicates the deepest snow they've ever had. Totally amazing.

So far, we've gotten a dusting. Maybe a half inch. It's been a really light year. Yay. This extended fall is working for me. I can't expect it to last, though, and that's okay. Spring will come soon enough.

Maria Zannini said...

Chicago was the most snow. The Blizzard of '67. I think there was 2 feet of snow. No school and the city was nearly paralyzed.

The best snow was here in Texas. 12 inches on the first day of spring, just a few years ago. It was fluffy snow that melted the next day when it got to the 60s.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Aack! I can't believe I forgot to comment yesterday. Then this morning my laptop--my NEW laptop--wouldn't start. Not good. But my hubby is the best and was able to get it back running (after Dell reloaded all the drivers and Windows 10). Whew! I was scared there for a minute (okay, more like several hours).

Jeff - I can't imagine what 2 feet of snow would be like. Even in Alaska, it never snowed all that much. It's just that when it did, it stuck around all winter!

Beth - We got lucky and got NO snow. Yay! But who shovels sidewalks nowadays? No one around here!

Maria - I like the fluffy snow. It's easier to shovel! Of course, it's easier to blow around, too. Drifts!!

Stephanie Faris said...

We moved in May and I learned yesterday that our old neighborhood had a power outage Friday for eight hours. In the snow and freezing-cold temps. I was SO glad we'd moved! I told my husband we need to get our fireplace checked by the gas company as soon as the snow clears up so at least we'll have that if the power ever goes out. We could hang out in the living room and play cards by flashlight until the power came back on, at least. But the WORST is for the power to go out in a snowstorm where you can't get on the road to go get food or anything.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Stephanie - I do like our gas fireplace for emergency heat/light. I make sure I have a working lighter, too! As for emergency food... Hopefully I'll get enough warning to buy some. :)