Friday, January 8, 2016

It's Friday Already?

Well…so it is. How’d that happen? And why do I keep forgetting Friday follows Thursday? You’d think I’d know that by now. Haha! J

Not much going on, which is good. Means I’m writing (and I am). However, I do have a funny story to share.

Last weekend hubby and I bought another large storage container (50 gal) for the new Christmas tree. We figured since the new tree is bigger, we’d need to store it in two containers instead of the one we had (for the old tree). And we were right. Sort of.

Last night he helped me dismantle the tree. Got the top and middle section in one box (with a little pushing), but then we put the bottom part in the second box. Or I should say we TRIED to put the bottom part in the second box. It’s too long. And not by a little, either. More like by 10”! Here’s a picture:

Talk about PPPP (Piss Poor Prior Planning). That’ll teach us to throw out the box the tree came in.

We searched the internet and couldn’t find any affordable containers that were long enough to hold the bottom part of the tree. Since only the rod is sticking out, I told hubby that maybe he should just cut a notch on the lid and it just sticks out (and then I would wrap it in a towel or bag or something to keep it clean/dust-free). He liked that idea.

So… Have you ever made a colossal goof like that? Really, I never even THOUGHT about measuring the bottom part of the tree before buying it. If I had known it wouldn’t fit in our box, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. Sheesh!

Have a great Friday! Hopefully the weekend doesn’t just fly by. J Oh, and Go Steelers!


Maria Zannini said...

Last year I bought a Christmas tree bag on Amazon.

Read the reviews and don't go for the cheapest one. I bought a sturdy one but I still managed to tear a hole in it. One of the boughs got stuck on the stairs. Instead of lifting it, I pulled and tore it. Dumb!

The bag holds the whole tree. I like it.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

LOL I did that when I bought a mini shed for our new garbage cans. I'd eyeballed the size of the cans, and was sure it was big enough. And it was--for the recycler can. Not the bigger garbage can! So the recycler sits in the shed, and the big garbage can behind it. At least it still hides it from the street, which is the main thing.

JeffO said...

Friday? I feel like I missed an entire day!

My wife and I moved into a rented house once many years ago and found we couldn't get the boxspring for our bed up the stairs. We lived with it leaning up against the wall in our dining room for two years.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I don't really want to put it in a bag. That tree is HEAVY! Not to mention awkward handling it, especially when carrying it to the basement.

Jennette - Yeah, our eyeballs don't measure so well, do they? :)

Jeff - Hmmm... I can just imagine what guests must have thought... "They sleep in the dining room?" :)