Monday, November 7, 2016

The Problem with Goodreads

I was going through my e-mails before I left on the cruise and, like always, opened the one from Goodreads to see what my friends had read, or marked to read. One friend gave 5 stars to The Chemist. That’s the new book from Stephenie Meyer.

Oooh! I quickly looked to see if it was out now. No, it’s not. But soon (Nov 8). I hadn’t added it to my wish list, so I fixed that right away (I always hit that list first whenever I get a coupon from B&N). Then I went over to Goodreads to see if I had added the book there.

Again, I hadn’t (how that was possible, I don’t know—I knew the book existed!). It already had 57 reviews there (nothing on Amazon or B&N because they won’t let you post them until the book is released). Or so I thought. There were no reviews. These were all comments on their perceived notion of the book (yes, this one is a totally different genre—for one it’s not YA). Some were happy to see another Stephenie Meyer book (like me). Others? I’m shaking my head.

I don’t know why people feel the need to bash an author if they have NO INTENTION of reading their book.

Now, I love Goodreads, don’t get me wrong. I love adding the books I’ve read or will read. I love keeping track of my reading. I love seeing my own books listed there. But I think some people just like to use it as a way to feel superior.

Yeah, like on Facebook.

Except on Facebook you have to use your real name. On Goodreads you don’t.

Those snarky reviews (well, more like comments marked as reviews) won’t dissuade me from reading The Chemist. I loved the Twilight series and I liked The Host. And when I finally get the book and read it, I’ll post something real without all those GIFs.

In other words… I try to use Goodreads as it’s intended. Post something that says to me what I liked or didn’t like and recommend it, if I feel it’s worthy. I will not bash a book before I’ve read it. That’s just silly. And uncalled for.

Oh well, just my opinion. Apparently other readers don’t feel the same.

Football Update:

  • High School: Wayne won their first playoff game. Yay! We’re hoping we’re off the ship in time to make it to this Friday’s game. We did it two years ago, so know it’s doable! Hopefully the game is located in a place so we don’t have to drive through Cincinnati to get there. I hate driving through Cincinnati during rush hour (and it always seems to be rush hour!).
  • College: OSU Buckeyes were awesome. Loved how they played. USC Trojans and WV also won decisively. Awesome Saturday night (gee, do they even play day games anymore??).
  • NFL: I had to post this before the games ended (and I ran out of battery on my laptop—no plugs at Buffalo Wild Wings), so I can’t report on the Steelers and Rams. But we were able to watch all of the Steelers play since we weren’t allowed to check in at the ship until after 6:30pm (last minute cruise delay).

The Penguins also won decisively on Saturday AND I won a Stanley Cup Champion license plate holder on the Angry NHL Fans-Pittsburgh Facebook Page! Angry, the admin of the page, is always giving away Penguin stuff by having us guess stuff like who will score first or how many shots are in a period/game, etc. Saturday she asked for first period shots (for both teams). I picked the correct number of 18 (along with a bunch of other people) and she drew my name. Yay! A nice way to start my vacation. J

So… Do you use Goodreads? How so? If not, why not?

Happy Monday!



JeffO said...

No Goodreads for me. The "review without reading" is silly, though if I've read a book by an author, I might be tempted to say, "I haven't read this book, but I read that book, and based on that I [would never read another thing by this author again][am eagerly anticipating reading this]." What I can't stomach are the reviews that devolve into personal attacks. That makes even less sense to me.

Enjoy your week!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cool you won the license plate holder!
I don't get it when people post reviews of books they haven't read. My books have had a couple of those slip in. Negative people will just always be negative I guess.

Maria Zannini said...

I have an account at Goodreads but I don't go there anymore. I wish Goodreads had a rule that said you had to have READ the book before leaving a review.

Trolls that leave baseless reviews hurt everyone, and maybe that's their goal.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I have an author page on Goodreads, but I never post there. I've read about the bullying that goes on there sometimes, and just want to stay as far away from that as possible.

I keep a list of books I read each year in a Word doc. But sometimes I forget to update it!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Sometimes I think the same thing happens over at Amazon, although they're trying to stop it from happening.

Alex - Yeah, I've gotten an elaborate GIF-laden review on Goodreads for one of my books. Guess you have to take the bad with the good, huh?

Maria - It would be nice if Goodreads COULD enforce a rule like that, but I don't know how they could. The reviewer could still LIE and say they read it.

Jennette - I love updating my lists! I have bunches, too.