Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday Reads and Good Riddance to my Newspaper

Here’s what I read the past week:

October 25: “Defy the Dawn” by Lara Adrian, 14th book in the Midnight Breed series, a paranormal romance at 286 pages. Blurb from book: Daywalker Brynne Kirkland survived a hellish upbringing as a product of a madman’s lab. Tough, driven, and devoted to her work in law enforcement, Brynne has never dared to risk opening her heart to anyone—least of all a handsome immortal from a world on the verge of a war against hers. Atlantean warrior Zael left the intrigue of his realm several lifetimes ago, along with the battles he fought as one of the queen’s legion. As a free-spirited loner walking the fringe of two worlds—that of his secretive and powerful people, and the outside world belonging to mankind and the Breed—it was never his intention to return to combat and bloodshed. Nor had he imagined that he might ever be tempted into anything stronger than desire…until he meets Brynne. Thrust together as allies of the Order in the fight against a diabolical enemy, Zael and Brynne embark on a mission that will ultimately force them to decide between duty to their people, and a passion that defies all bounds. I’m still engrossed in this series, even after fourteen books! Wonderful romance. **heavy sigh**

I got a notice in the mail yesterday that my newspaper (Dayton Daily News) is raising rates…AGAIN. I finally got fed up with the increases and cancelled it. How bad did it get?

  • In November 2014 I was paying $21.44/mo.
  • In July 2015 they raised it to $24.99/mo.
  • January 2016, $30.52/mo.
  • July 2016, $35.49
  • December 2016, $43.49!! That’s over $500/year!!!
Rates have more than doubled over the past two years. Ridiculous! I truly believe they WANTED me to cancel. Why else raise it so much, and multiple times a year? I'll miss getting the paper, but not at those prices.

I do have some GOOD news. Seems the construction crew is just about finished with widening the road my road connects to. Lines were painted yesterday so it would make sense that I should be able to turn left off our street today. Would you believe they actually PARK the equipment in the middle of the road so no one can get through? It’s been a pain to have to go around, but at least the end is in sight! Yay!

So… Do you subscribe to a newspaper? Think I waited too long to cancel? I’m thinking maybe I have. Oh well…

Happy Reading!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Almost two dollars a paper? When you can go online and get the news for free and much faster? Dump them I say! We stopped getting a paper years and years ago.
So your road construction is actually construction vehicle storage now?

JeffO said...

We gave up the newspaper subscription years ago, though we get the daily and both regional weeklies at the office. I still kind of like breezing through the paper, though it doesn't take long. Glad the road is almost ready to open again. As kids, we loved it when they redid the streets: nice and smooth for riding bikes and skateboards, and especially for playing hockey.

Maria Zannini said...

40 years ago, I was working at the Chicago Tribune Newspaper when the paper was 10 cents. I remember all the calls we got from angry subscribers when the rates went up to 15 cents. If they only knew what was to come.

I gave up the paper years ago when the price jumped to 75 cents and the actual content got smaller.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - It does appear to be a construction vehicle parking lot!

Jeff - I've been getting the Dayton Daily News for over 25 years. It will be a shock when it finally stops coming, but I can deal with it. I just have to repeat to myself: Saving over $500 a year!

Maria - Price jumps up. Content goes down. Advertisements increase. I get enough advertisements. I don't need to pay for more.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I canceled the DDN probably 15 years ago. Mostly because I didn't have time to read it and just wound up tossing them. The local news is sometimes nice, but I don't need it enough to subscribe, paper or digital. I'm guessing their digital subscription is a lot cheaper.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I was told the digital subscription is $10/month. If I liked reading my paper on line, I MIGHT subscribe. But I don't, so I won't. :)