Monday, January 16, 2017

Shopping and Selling

I was shopping in Walmart the other day and got stopped by a young girl. I knew she was selling something, just not what at the time, but I obliged and answered her questions (because apparently I didn’t have anything else better to do!).

Young Girl: What provider do you have for your TV?

Me: Time Warner.

YG: How long have you been with them?

Me: Twenty years (actually, it’s been longer, but I went by how long we’ve lived in our current home).

YG: Wow. How many televisions do you have?

Me: Three.

YG: You have one DVR?

Me: No. Three.

YG: Three? How about your phone?

Me: Yes, and internet.

This is when I noticed the little sign on the table behind her: DirectTV.

YG: Would you be—

Me: No. I’m not switching providers. So forget it.

YG: May I ask why?

Me: I don’t want satellite TV.

YG: Because you think you’ll lose the signal during bad weather?

Me: Because I KNOW I’ll lose the signal during bad weather.

She tried to tell me their system is better now. I counter attacked that I didn’t believe her, since many restaurants have DirectTV and lose their signal during a storm. She said they probably have the old equipment.

Probably? Yeah, right. I walked away while she thanked me for my time. Sometimes I’m glad to be stubborn.

Did you watch any of the football games? Talk about stressful. So glad to see Seattle and Dallas gone! Yay for the Steelers!! But man, that was just tooooo close!

I’m hosting Sizzle and Sass on Facebook this week. If you’re there, please say hi! I could use the likes and comments. It gets kind of lonely at times.

So… How do you watch your TV? Do you think someone could sell you to change?

Happy Monday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, way too close. And all field goals? Come on, guys! But seeing Dallas lose did put a smile on my face.
Newer equipment does help. We've had Direct TV forever and we've had many upgrades over the years. If it's a bad enough storm that we lose signal, we're hiding in the bathroom at that point anyway.

Maria Zannini said...

I got stopped by one of those Direct TV reps once. Usually I try to avoid eye contact, but this time the guy sneaked up on me.

The look of utter horror on his face when I told him we don't have cable or satellite was priceless. You'd think I had told him I was a devil worshiper.

JeffO said...

I "eyeballed" the Steelers game via the stats on my web browser. Always a concern when you can dominate the way Pittsburgh did but not stick the ball in the end zone. All other things being equal* even one touchdown in place of a field goal makes that look like much a rout.

We dropped cable several years ago, use Netflix primarily now. I wonder about all the pop culture I'm missing because of the commercials I no longer see. Might explain why I have no idea what movies are out or who this, that, and the other celebrities are.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - I kept saying if all those field goals were touchdowns, it would have been a blow out! Argh. So frustrating. Of course, I'm sure they were frustrated too!

Maria - I kind of love it when I can shock a salesman. I kind of shocked the young woman, since I had cable for as long as she's been alive!

Jeff - We record everything but sports, so don't always see commercials other than beer and insurance. Haha!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I wouldn't switch, because I also have Internet service with TWC, and switching that is a major PITA. When we move will be soon enough. And like Maria, I try to not make eye contact with those sales people, and if they sneak up on me, I brush them off with a "Not interested" immediately and walk away.

DH says the Steelers don't have a chance next week, but we're rooting for them anyway!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I'm hoping they get their stuff together and that maybe NE slacks off a bit. It's possible!!!