Monday, May 15, 2017

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

I’ve mentioned before how the bumble bees—which aren’t really bumble bees, I know, but are actually carpenter bees, they just look like bumble bees—love our mailbox post. Used to be one or two would hover around the box. This year it’s gone up to at least 5. It’s so bad, I won’t get the mail until the sun sets and I try to get the paper before the sun rises. Otherwise, Hubby gets them for me.

Well, Hubby loves me sooooo much (or maybe he’s tired of me sending him out there), he went out and bought a carpenter bee catcher. He and Son attached it to the mailbox post. Know what? It works!

Unfortunately, other bees are taking their place guarding the mailbox post. **heavy sigh**

Eventually we’ll catch all the ones that are living in that post. At least, I hope so.

I’m tired of those things.

Penguins lost their first game on Saturday. I’m not thrilled (of course), but have to remember they did the same thing last year. Hopefully they figure out what they need to do to beat the Senators. Game 2 is tonight!

So… are there any bugs/animals/creatures that can keep you from an area at your house? Something like…your house is haunted and you refuse to go into the basement? My grandmother’s house was haunted. I didn’t care for sleepovers there so much.

Happy Monday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I didn't know there was a carpenter bee catcher. We see those once in a while but they don't bother us.
Now, under the house? Not a chance I'm going into our crawlspace. One of our ducts came undone and I paid the air conditioner people to come out and crawl under to reattach it.
Pens better win tonight!

Maria Zannini said...

Carpenter bees love weathered wood. Maybe you could change out your post to something else.

I don't mind where I go as long as I have enough light. Scorpions and black widows are the things that give me the creeps.

re: haunting
I have to ask. Did you actually see something? What did your grandma say about it?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - I'd never go into a crawlspace, either. Eeeeewwwww!

Maria - I never saw anything, but boy, did I hear the stories. From numerous people (even my Mom, and she's not the type to make stuff up). They all called the ghost Ethel Beth.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Well, glad the bee catcher worked...for a while, anyway.
They're buggers.
We have black any issues. They must love the seashore because of the dampness.

The Happy Whisk said...

We live on the edge of the woods. We've got everything and their offspring, crawling about the place. I'll take it over city life.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennifer - Oh, the bee catcher is still working. Eventually Hubby will have to empty the jar. :) I remember having ant problems when I lived in Santa Barbara. What a nuisance, but at least they don't sting!

Ivy - You can have it. Give me the city any day (or at least the suburbs). :)

JeffO said...

No hauntings in my house, as far as I know. But every once in a while (and it hasn't happened in a long time, and it has happened in other places we lived, so it's not site specific) I get wigged out by something and have to roam through the house, just to make sure...

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - If I get wigged out by something, I'm not roaming through the house, that's for sure! That's what Hubby is for. Haha! :)