Thursday, June 24, 2010


This morning I left my house in a relative mess. Well, it’s usually messy (I am not a very good housekeeper), but today is different.

Today is the day my husband and our friend is blowing insulation in our attic. They are also replacing the exhaust fan in our bathroom.

When I left, my husband managed to pull down the blinds with one yank. I had no problem opening the blinds on Tuesday (although it was probably the first time in years they had been opened), but I was gentle. Yanking never solved anything for me.

I told my husband I expected them to be back up by the time I got home. I’m apparently expecting too much. Seemed the plastic “dry rotted”. How does plastic dry rot? Especially in the bathroom – the least driest place in the whole house! I think he just yanked it so hard it broke.

By now you’re probably wondering why I should care about the blinds. I mean it’s only the bathroom, right? Well, it’s a HUGE picture window, the glass is not frosted, and it’s in the front of the house. The curtains are sheer (because my husband wanted light to shine), so you can easily see into the room without the blinds (especially at night).

The window looks pretty on the outside of the house, but is really not functional as a bathroom window INSIDE the house. The only good thing: we live on a cul de sac. At least we won’t have the traffic. And the sun doesn’t set until after 9:00pm – another plus. I really don’t relish being an exhibitionist.


G.~ said...

Hi Stacy. New follower here.

I can't say I blame you for not wanting to be seen while in your bathroom. But I do love windows in the bathroom, especially in the summer time.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi G! Thanks for following.

Yeah, I'm all for light, too. Just wish the window was a little smaller. It starts at mid thigh and I can't reach the top without a step stool.

Unknown said...

Okay so having just found your blog I couldn't help but busting out laughing on my first visit!!

You don't want to be an exhibitionist? How come? Just teasing, I can completely relate... no big windows wanted! I love how the hubs broke the blinds, blames it on something else and then the window doesn't have anything to really cover it because the hubs wanted light to shine in.

I love it!!! Just as much as I love your adorable blog!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thank you Jen. And thanks for following.

Looks like the blinds won't be replaced until we get back from NYC. Oh well...

dolorah said...

My husband (well, ex now, but I think we see each other more now that we're divorced than we did married) has a lot of the same excuses for the things he ruins, or refuses to fix. It's not his fault I don't properly take care of things important to me.

Yet: he expects his tighty-whities to be clean and in the same drawer every time he wants a pair, the cable bill to be paid with no interruption to football, and the groceries to not only be bought and put away, but in a place where he can easily spot whats available without moving something the kids think is more important in the fridge or cupboard.

Nope, can't tell I'm divorced for the third time.