Friday, June 18, 2010


The other day I drove behind THE STAR and she drove a blue Ford Focus.

I know it was THE STAR, because that’s what it said on her license plate.

Of course, I’m only assuming the driver was a she because I could barely see the top of the driver’s head

Besides, what SHORT guy would drive around in a blue Ford Focus with the plates THE STAR anyway?

What PERSON would drive around in a blue Ford Focus with the plates THE STAR?

Would that person demand attention all the time? Do you think they would be the life of the party, and that they attended LOTS of them? It’s something to ponder when I create a new character. That’s something to think about. What kind of personalized plate would my character have?

Personalized license plates are interesting. If I weren’t so CHEAP, I’d probably get personalized plates (easier to remember the number), but they would be more in tuned to the car I was driving, not about me (because in all likelihood, my husband could very well be driving).

Like, if I did actually get a yellow Xterra, I would want the plates to say BMBLBEE (we’re stuck with 7 characters in Ohio). I like to name my cars, so that’s what the plate would reflect.

Would you ever consider personalized plates? Do you own them already? Do you have any idea why someone would have THE STAR? Curious minds want to know.


Erin Kane Spock said...

My Dad got his mid-life-crisis car 20 or so years ago with a personalized plate advertising the chemical his company produced. I thought that was weak.
I love the puzzle of trying to figure out what they mean.
Would I (if I had extra money) get a personalized plate? Yeah. In Ca many of the plate designs go to charity. So, I'd feel philanthropic. I'd probably get something that referenced my incredibly popular books. Not quite like ROBIN1 and such, but something that pats me on the back. Living the dream, huh?

dolorah said...

I guess it's just personality expression. I don't have personalized plates; but that's because I speed on the interstate ALL the time. No need to advertise my uniqueness.

But I like the idea of vanity plates. I mean, in California, they're like, $20 more than regular plates. Why not?

Its called "individualization." Standing out in the crowd. Has its drawbacks, I'll admit; but if you can live like a star, go for it.

word verif: neywqfw. Whoa? Just, no clue.


Stacy McKitrick said...

Living like a star - that would be hard for me. I'm not the type of person who likes the spotlight. Most writers are like that anyway, right?

Thanks Erin & Donna for commenting.