Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Disorganized? Me?

I’m normally a very organized person. I file my DVDs and CDs in alphabetical order. I file my bills (the file may be over full because I’m too lazy to transfer, but that’s another issue). I make sure my keys and glasses are kept in the same place every time; otherwise, I’ll lose them. My son calls that OCD. I call it organized.

I hate feeling disorganized. It throws off my whole system. But that’s what happened to me since my laptop died.

After I backed up my laptop on Monday (which, by the way, took all night because I was doing it stupidly WRONG), I was all set to write last night. I was thrilled to get my laptop back and was excited about the prospect of writing. Then I realized I didn’t have my new notes or the scenes I wrote since my computer went kaput on me.

Some of my writing was on AOL. Some was on the main computer. Some was on my flash drive. Argh! What was I thinking? Why didn’t I put it all in the same place?

Now I’m in the process of getting all my documents together (e-mailed them to myself, just in case – makes it easier to transfer anyway and it’s all in one place). I did start last night by adding the notes I’ve been e-mailing myself to the notes I had on my computer. But the notes aren’t in any order and it’s driving me nuts.

At least the story isn’t going away. In fact it’s getting louder in my head. In a way, the break away from the story has been a good thing. I’ve been getting the characters firm in my mind (and notated). Finding their goals, motivation, and conflict. Now I just have to get organized so I can write the darn thing. I’ll get there, though. You can bet on it.


Nicole said...

I'm in the same place - hearing the characters voices louder and louder. I won't stop till I'm done (even if it is a trilogy..) Good luck!

Anne Gallagher said...

I'm organized in a very disorganized way. I know where my stuff is, in my office, but I have to dig for it. I think this is one of my main problems -- my desk is so disgustingly crowded I can't find what I want at my fingertips.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks for the comments (I just love comments!).

I don't have an office. I have a lap, and a couch, and papers all over. There's a desk upstairs in the spare bedroom that I use to pay the bills, and it has papers all over. Yeah, and I call myself organized! But I know what is in each stack of papers.