Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm Dry!

My mind is dry of anything interesting to write about. It seems to be that way during this time of year. This time of year when football seems to dominate my time.

Friday night – high school football. Son graduated in 2000, daughter in 2003 (both were in the band) and we still go to the games. When you’re hooked, you’re hooked.

Oh – and the Wayne Warriors won. A 0-2 start made us nervous. They are now 2-2.

Saturday – Ohio State football. Neither kid went there, but we’re fans. How can you not be fans when you live in Ohio? Well, one person we know is, gasp(!), a Michigan fan (and he’s not even from Michigan). You can imagine he gets a lot of grief, but that’s what it’s all about for him. He loves the controversy. Me, not so much. Husband is from Florida, I’m from California, but we’ve both adopted OSU. And they are currently undefeated this season. Go Bucks!

Sunday – Steelers football. Since the game wasn’t televised locally, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (or what we call B-dubs) to watch the game. A lot of Steelers fans in the area do the same, so we have to arrive early if we want a good seat. You’d be surprised how many Steelers fans there are in Bengals country. And we’re happy fans, too. Still undefeated.

Even with all the football, I was able to write more of my book. But blogging, not so much. I need to start thinking of interesting topics and writing them down. Time can get away from me quicker than anything (I just realized today it has been a week since I blogged). I’ll do my best to think of something to write about before NEXT Sunday!

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Nicole said...

it's hard sometimes to think of an intriguing or amusing blog post :) I'm in that phase too at the moment. It'll pass - and in the mean time theres LOL cats ;p