Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Reading Update, Books, and St. Louis

I’ve been buying lots of books. It’s crazy. Will I ever read all the ones I currently own? Who knows. But I will be reading the ones I just purchased. I’m on a Heather Graham ghost ride right now, so will probably just binge her first. I just bought 5 of the 6 books I was missing from the Harrison Investigation series. I’ve read 1-4 and now own 6-10. Of course #5 is the hard one to find at a reasonable price! Good thing I don’t really need to read these in order.

The trip to St. Louis was fun, but hot and humid. My daughter’s Footy team won all their games (they ended up playing co-ed since there weren’t enough women to play their own game). We got hit with rain on Sunday before our trip to the zoo. Thankfully, it let up by the time we finished breakfast. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t take the humidity away. It was like a sauna walking through the zoo. I got my shirt wet from the rain and it was still damp when we got home! The humidity here felt dry compared to St. Louis. I will not complain about our humidity again. Maybe.

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book #39

Dates read: July 16-22, 2021
Title: The Vision
Year of publication: 2006
Author: Heather Graham
Genre: Paranormal romantic suspense
Series: Harrison Investigations #4
# of Pages: 410
Paper or plastic: Mass market paperback
How obtained: Purchased.
Blurb from book: When Deep Down Salvage begins the hunt for the Marie Josephine off Key West, it seems like any other dive—until Genevieve Wallace sees the vision of a dead woman in the water.
    A dead woman who opens her eyes and looks directly at her…
    Terrified and confused, Gen is haunted by the memory. But no one, including her diving partner Thor Thompson, believes she saw what she
knows she saw. Then a dead woman washes up on shore, and everyone assumes this is Genevieve’s “vision.” Genevieve knows better. This dead woman is definitely not the ghost she encountered but another victim of the same brutal killer.
    Sensing that the threat of death is coming closer, she and Thor are forced to acknowledge that some things can’t be explained but simply
are. Somehow they have to link a violent past with a present-day mystery… because if they don’t, the power of death will possess them, too.
My thoughts: More suspenseful than romantic, but lots of spooky goodness and I had trouble putting this book down. I enjoyed visiting Key West again, too (if only in my memories).

This week I need to gather my stuff for LLS2021, since I leave for that book convention on August 3. I have been making a list, so I know what I need. But now I just have to make sure it’ll all fit in the car!!

So... Do you own more books than you feel you'll ever read? Maybe I just need to learn to read faster? Hmmm...

Happy Reading!


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