Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Feel...Conflicted

I feel a joy having accomplished a goal.

I feel a loss that my adventure is over.

I feel free.

I feel lost.

This happens to me after every book I've finished. So, that would be the fourth time, now.

I'm so happy to have finished the first draft. So happy I want to dive right in and edit.

But I know better. If I wait a few weeks, the editing will go better.

So, what to do with my new-found freedom? Well, at least THIS TIME I have other obligations. A book to critique (my critique partner will surely appreciate that). TV shows to get caught up on (need to make room on the DVR). Heck, I may actually finish the short story I started back last summer.

But I still feel that loss.

When I took my shower this morning, it was sad that I didn't have to plot out the next scene to my book. Sad that the characters were no longer talking in my head.

I really need to start thinking of my next book, because really, who wants to take a quiet shower? Not me! And the drive into work? Ugh. I need those voices (I know how that sounds, but I AM a writer!).

Which leads me to this question: Should I come up with a totally new idea, or go back to my series?

I miss my vampires. I love my vampires. But should I continue to write my vampire stories if I haven't sold them yet?

Any advice out there?


Anne Gallagher said...

Soemtimes we can't see our own forest for the trees. When I was beginning writing my Regency series well over 4 years ago, as I got into book 3, it started to become stale and over worked. I wasn't having fun writing anymore. It wasn't because I didn't love my stories I did. It was because I was bored. So I wrote a contemporary women's fiction. And then started a whole bunch of short stories. And when I went back to my Regencies about 8 mnths later, I felt rejuvenated, and came up with a whole new set of characters, problems, angst. It's like going on vacation after working all year.

I'd start something new and see where it takes you.

Maria Zannini said...

I'd go for something new. I imagine vampires are probably pretty hard to sell with all the competition already on the market.

DL Hammons said...

I'm the opposite way when I finish a first draft. It's like the desire to write totally drys up. Then about 3-4 weeks later the urge starts to return and I'll dive into revisions. I guess its my minds way to re-generate creative energy.

I'd give Vampires a rest. It's a pretty saturated market right now, along with Zombies.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

CONGRATS on finishing your draft!!! Soon the real work will begin. In the meantime, maybe have some dun playing around with ideas in your mind, figure out what you're really passionate about. If it keeps coming back to vampires, that might mean that's the stiry you need to write. Above all, have fun in making your discoveries!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Gah! Stupid smartphone! I mean have some *fun* and the *story* you need to write!

Stacy McKitrick said...

I appreciate all the comments. I have some thinking to do, I guess. My last book was NOT a vampire book, that's why I have the urge to go back to them (since I love them soooo much).

The Happy Whisk said...

Much congrats on all the hard work you've done, and big cheers and support for the work you're about to do.

As for what to write next. I'd write whatever was in me, when I sat down next.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Whisk - If I wrote what was in me right now, it would be the vampire books. But I still have time. If a new idea doesn't grab hold of me, I may just do the vampire thing, because NOT writing would be worse than writing about my vampires.

The Happy Whisk said...

I agree, not writing would be worse. Follow your passion. Have fun and keep writing.

Teleporting you a dozen pop tarts, now.

Damon said...

Underworld: Awakening