Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Reads and More Heart Palpitations!

What a game last night! Penguins held on so they can play game 7 on Thursday, but there was this moment I thought we might lose again. Whew! Me so happy!!

Here’s what I read the past week:

May 23: “Dead Ice” by Laurell K. Hamilton, Book 24 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, an urban fantasy at 560 pages. Blurb from book: Becoming the fiancĂ©e of master vampire Jean-Claude is wreaking havoc with Anita Blake’s reputation as a hardass—to some extent. Luckily, in professional circles, she’s still the go-to expert for zombie issues. And right now, the FBI is having one hell of a zombie issue. Someone is producing zombie port. Anita has seen her share of freaky undead fetishes, so this shouldn’t bother her. But the women being victimized aren’t just mindless, rotting corpses. Their souls are trapped behind their eyes, signaling voodoo of the blackest kind. It’s the sort of case that can leave a mark on a person. And Anita’s own soul may not survive unscathed…. I truly believe a reader can only enjoy this book if they read, and enjoyed, the twenty-three that preceded this. The majority of this book covers twenty-four hours, and man, a lot is packed into that time. Anita can’t go ANYWHERE without someone either needing her help or harassing her (I especially enjoyed Thomas Warrington). But hey, that’s what I like about this series. A lot of day-to-day (or hour-to-hour, in this case) stuff interspersed with the main problem. If for not all that other stuff in Anita’s life, this would have been a really short book, and that would have been sad.

So… I’ve got no question today. My mind is fried. Hockey can do that to a person, and you don’t even have to be playing! Not that I ever played. J

Happy Reading!



JeffO said...

I stopped watching at 3-nill. Should be an entertaining game 7!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I bet it'll be heart-stopping! The Penguins like to do that to their fans, I swear!!! :)

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm not much for vampire stories, but that one looks interesting!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Stephanie - The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is one of the first vampire series I read (after Twilight, that is). The first book hooked me!