Friday, May 24, 2013

Walking, Traveling, and DVRs

I’ve noticed that when I walk, I tend to hug the left side of the sidewalk. I couldn’t figure out why I was doing this. First I thought maybe it was because I wanted to be away from the street, but I hug the left when walking in the opposite direction. That puts me closer to the street, so that wasn’t it. Then yesterday it hit me as I was walking on a street WITHOUT sidewalks and I’m hugging the left side. Duh!

And here I was thinking maybe I was just living in the wrong country. Ha ha!

Tonight my husband and I (along with our friends) are headed up to Detroit to be…tourists! I know, you’re thinking DETROIT? But why NOT Detroit? It’s close (about 4 hours away) and it’s a city we’ve never really visited (I know, that’s because it’s Detroit - I hear ya!). We’ll be attending a Tigers game on Saturday and hope to get a tour of Ford Field (I think that’s what it’s called), where the Lions play. Provided they offer tours on a holiday weekend. We’ll see.

Next year we’ll probably visit Cleveland (provided the Indians are in town - they weren’t this year or we’d be going there). Do you see a baseball theme here? Yeah, we like to visit different ball fields. It's kind of our thing.

Anyway, I’ll have my camera and hope to take lots of pictures. It’s also during the full moon, so hopefully the clouds cooperate and I can get my moon shot. The last couple of nights the moon has had a ring around it and no good clouds, but I’m checking every night. Never know what looks appealing. The moon doesn’t necessarily have to be FULL, although I would prefer it to be.

While we’re away, my daughter will be clearing off the DVR in the living room. I’m hoping both of our DVRs are empty by the end of the month so we can switch over to the whole house DVR plan (while they’re still on sale). The new plan has bigger hard-drives and makes it so you can watch the DVRs from either television. Oh, and we get a faster internet connection, too. But it’s a newer and bigger hard-drive that we’re interested in (ours keeps rebooting and it’s making us nervous). Plus, we like to record our shows in HD (yep, spoiled here) and these smaller DVRs just aren’t doing the trick. It’s not like we watch all that many shows, but when he teaches, the recordings pile up quickly.

I’m still trudging through the revisions on Book 5 (my alien story). So close to the end, but dang, so much has to change. It’s like writing the ending all over again (and I had a hard enough time the first time!). I hope I’ve gotten it all straight now. I think I will have to leave it to my beta readers to tell me. I’m too close to it right now to tell whether or not it works. But I do foresee finishing it in the next week. I hope. Maybe. Argh!

So, do you have any plans for the holiday weekend?





B.E. Sanderson said...

Be careful up there. Detroit can be scary. That said, wave at my home state for me. I hope you get to tour Ford Field (yeah, that's the Lions home... I still miss the Silverdome, though) and that you have fun at the Tigers game.

Good luck with ironing out the revisions.

No plans here. Kicking back and relaxing around the new place. =o)

Stacy McKitrick said...

B.E. - Kicking back and relaxing is good, too. I'll be sure to tell Michigan hello for you! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Have a great trip. Though I am a wee bit pooped from the day and I thought at first you wrote when I talk, I tend to hug the left side of the street.

Tim and I started out nine day staycation tonight. So flipping happy about that.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - Ooh, a nine-day staycation? That sounds nice! Enjoy.

Michael Seese said...

I wish I had commented sooner, but on your way back from Detroit, you could swing by Toledo and take in a hot dog at Tony Packo's. (M*A*S*H...Klinger...Mud Hens, See, still baseball.)

The Happy Whisk said...

It's a well-needed staycation. Been 1.5 years since we both had time like this together. It's great.

I even got to read yesterday, whilst sitting outside. I LOVED IT.


Hope you're having a groovy weekend. Cheers and boogie boogie.

Erin Kane Spock said...

I tend to shift on my feet quite a bit while standing "still," which leads to weird wear patterns in my shoes. I wonder if your left side hugging wreaks similar havoc.
Like the dark edge to your blog background.
This holiday weekend was nice. Time with friends, a reason to heat the pool, but got no writing done. :(