Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Reads and Other Stuff (Like Movies!)

Tuesday was a busy day. I had a wonderful lunch with a writer friend of mine and spent over three hours talking! It was great! By the time I got home, it was time to meet the family at the theatre to watch “Iron Man 3” ($5 Tuesdays - gotta love them!). I really liked the movie (and if you go, stay for the credits - there’s more after they roll). I also liked the trailer for Thor! Oh yeah, I’ll be seeing that one, too. With all that activity, I didn’t get much writing or reading done, but I sure had fun!

I did get some reading done during the week, though. Here’s what I read:

May 2: “Vampires Gone Wild” by Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Arista, and Kim Falconer. Four paranormal romance shorts. Blurb on back: “V is for VampWoman”: Pamela decides to shed her prim and proper ways for spandex and mask to help fight the Malcontents. Now if only she weren’t so distracted by the sexy vampire fighting by her side… “A Forever Love”: Trapped in Vamp City, Lukas has been unable to return to the beauty who stole his heart. But now that she’s stumbled into his world, it will take every ounce of cunning he possesses to keep her alive. “First Dates are Hell”: Valiance’s first date in a hundred years is going great…until they’re attacked in the parking lot and quiet, unassuming Esme turns out to be way more than she appears. “Blood and Water”: Beneath the waves of San Francisco Bay lives a vampire race that wants nothing to do with the “landers” except to feed on them. But when Stellan sets eyes on Angelina, everything changes. I bought this book because of Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love At Stake story, because I just love them! VampWoman was okay, but did feel rushed. This story probably could have easily been a whole book. Palmer’s Vamp City story intrigued me enough to check her out, but her books tend to be on the dark side and her hero identified as mean (uh, no thanks), so I’m not bothering. This story had different characters and was enjoyable, it just didn’t have a very satisfying ending (because the series is still on-going, I assume). My favorite of the bunch was Arista’s First Date. So much so, I WANTED to buy her others. BUT (and yes, it’s a big but) while this short was written in third person, the other books she has are written in first of a minor character in this short. Oh well… But if she ever gets to writing another romance like this one, I’ll read it for sure. Falconer’s Water story was interesting, but I did foresee the end (based upon the dates), though. I wasn’t sure what kind of creatures were featured here--Mermaid? Vampires? I’m still not sure. A little too much head hoping (and jolts from third to first without the italics to know the person was thinking!) for my taste, too. But the ending was satisfying. Overall, a fun read of four stories. I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

May 6: “Immortal Ever After” by Lynsay Sands. This is the eighteenth book in the Argeneau series, a paranormal romance. Blurb on back: Valerie Moyer doesn’t believe in vampires--until she is kidnapped by a fanged psychopath! After escaping her bloodthirsty captor, she’s through with creatures of the night. Until she finds herself under the protection of the darkly handsome Anders. Not only is she expected to accept that Anders is immortal, but also that she is the woman destined to be his life mate! Anders felt a connection to Valerie from the moment he cradled her bruised body in his arms. But before he claims her, he must destroy the vampire who almost stole her from him forever. His job would be easier if Valerie didn’t fight him every step of the way. Still, Anders loves a challenge, and the green-eyed beauty is worth fighting for! Yep, number eighteen and still not stale. I love this series and knew as soon as I started reading this one, I wouldn’t be able to put it down (and it WAS hard!). These books just make me feel GOOD! I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.

My friend recommended I read Jim Butcher’s books, so I will check out the first Harry Dresden book from the library and see if it’s something I will like. I’m almost afraid to read it. What if I like it? Then I’ll have to read them all! Like I need to find another series to read - arrrgh!

So, have you seen “Iron Man 3” yet? Or read any of Jim Butcher’s books?

Happy Reading!






Bonnie Gill said...

Hi Stacy,
I haven't seen Iron man 3 yet but hope to soon.
I've read Vampires Gone wild. Lol I had different favorites. I didn't care for Kerrelyn Sparks because it felt to rushed and Arista's was just okay. I really loved Kim Falconer's mermaid vamps, I loved the new twist and the setting. Pamela Palmer's was good, but I have read all of her books and absolutely love them. They are very dark. Her romances do have some humor in it to lighten them up, but her urban fantasy series is dark but really really good.

I just read the final Sookie book and hated it. If you follow the series be prepared to be let down.

I also read Terry Spear's new book A Highland Wolf Wedding and loved it. I think it's my second favorite she's writen so far, next to A Seal in Wolfs clothing.

Happy Weds.

Maria Zannini said...

I like Jim Butcher's books. I've read several, but I finally let them go because the stories started sounding the same.

There comes a time in every series when you just have to move on even when your publisher tells you to squeeze out another one.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Bonnie - The last Sookie book is on its way to me, so I should be reading it soon.

Maria - Yeah, some series are like that. I haven't gotten past the third book of the Stephane Plum series!

Unknown said...

I've read the first three or four Dresden Files books, and they're really good. I have a hard time reading series, but I've heard it gets better after then, so I was going to get back into it soon.

I haven't watched Iron Man 3, but I want to sooo much!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Laura - I find series are EASY to read. Takes the guess work out of which book to read next - ha ha!! Unfortunately, if you read a lot of them, then you have to choose which series to read next. It can be hard when several come out at the same time!!

LD Masterson said...

I don't think I've read any of Butcher's. But I did see Iron Man 3 last weekend. I liked most of it but thee were a couple of places where I would have liked a little less special effects action and a bit more character. But that's just me.

Stacy McKitrick said...

LD - I guess special effects are what sells, though (as well as used for the 3D version, I suspect - which I did not see, by the way).