Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge

Happy Friday the 13th (I had to say this for my daughter, since it's her favorite non-holiday).

It's been a good week.

I finished the short story I wrote. I wrote 1000 words too many, though. I don't know what to cut, so I'm letting it sit. But I finished it! That's the important part.

I've actually added words to Book #5. I had to read it from the beginning, and stop myself from editing (which is kind of hard after having edited three books in a row), so I could get back into their lives. I'm a little stuck on my story, but as long as I write something, something good will come to me. It usually does. And I have future scenes all ready to write, I just have to figure out how to get my characters there!

Yep, I'm a linear writer. Can't do it any other way. But it sure is nice to get back into their lives. I anticipate many words today.

I also managed to make it to the gym every morning this week. Pushing the burn, too. I'm glad to be back and I'm glad the soreness has gone away! I knew it would, though. Just have to work through it.

My former employer kind of pissed me off this week – having to do with my final paycheck. Luckily, I got that resolved adequately. Still, I hated feeling used all over again. Need to cut that out!

But the best news this week – I killed a wasp! In the house!

On Wednesday, one of those little buggers managed to get inside. Don't know how. Must have hitched a ride on me (shudder), because I don't have any doors or windows open. Anyway, every time I tried to kill him, he'd get into the blinds and hide. Of which I wasn't about to go hunting for him. No – for me to kill him, he has to be on the window easy to smack.

When my husband came home, the wasp apparently disappeared. So of course he doubted its existence (even though I had a witness – my daughter). So for the rest of the evening, I kept my ear tuned to buzzing, but never heard anything. I couldn't imagine it left. Even if it had gotten in through a crack, what are the odds it left the same way?

The next morning, I'm still looking around the French doors in the breakfast nook (where he was last spotted). Still no sign of him. And no buzzing. I go to the gym, come home, have breakfast, and check e-mails. On my way upstairs for my shower, I take a glance out the front window panel (to the front door) and find my lips inches away from this buzzing sound.

AAAGH! I back away quicker than anything and grab the fly swatter (which I had kept in easy reach because I knew that sucker wasn't gone). I don't have my glasses on, but he was big enough and he couldn't hide.


Yep, he's gone. I even flushed the bugger because I wasn't taking any chances. I was able to rest easier for the rest of the day. Yay!

Tonight we leave for Pittsburgh. We're taking the Heinz Field tour on Saturday. Then we might actually make it over to the Consol Energy Center and watch the Penguins in a scrimmage game (which is FREE). I'm looking forward to all the fun. Hope the weather cooperates.

And I hope your weekend is just as fun!

Now, don't walk in front of any black cats! :)


Maria Zannini said...

You did have a good week. A pox to your old employer though. That still sits wrong in my stomach.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - Sits bad with me, too, but I'm trying to forget about it and only concentrate on good things. Like my writing!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Your wasp story made me smile. Keep up the good work on your writing, and have a great time in Pittsburgh!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Glad I made you smile. Of course, I wasn't smiling so much when I killed him. I was just trying to stop shaking!

LD Masterson said...

Is the not-short-enough short story for the Beatnik Cafe?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda - No, it's for something else. I won't be able to make the Beatnik Cafe (family reunion in NJ), so I'm not bothering with a short for that.

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed your post. I love hockey so I hope you're able to get into the game.
Your wasp story cracked me up. My daughters and I came up with an easy way to kill them. Hairspray! Just spray it on them and then they can't fly. Then step on it. Works every time.
Congrats on finishing your story and working out.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Bonnie - With my hairspray, I'd have to get too close and then I'd probably miss! I'm a wuss, I know it!

Now that I see your picture, I remember you from the FF&P conference. Thanks for visiting!