Monday, November 26, 2018

Cleaning, Nibbles, and My Teams

A cleaning we accomplished
Hubby and I actually got the garage straightened up. Was able to actually get TWO cars in there, too. Problem? You can’t walk between them (or get out of the car all that easy). This garage is a bit narrower than the one at the old house (although the driveway is wider, which is really nice). Until we get a shed, it looks like only one car (the fun car) will get parked in the garage.

But we accomplished what we set out to do, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Nibbles but no bites
Got an offer on the house. Turned it down (we want to sell it, not give it away). They came back with another offer. We countered that. That was last week. Don’t know if they’ve reconsidered or if the delay is due to the holiday. Hopefully we find out this week. No one has scheduled to see the house since then.

I’ll blame the holiday for that.

My teams and other games
Ohio State massacred that team up north. It was awesome.

The Penguins beat the Blue Jackets on Saturday. That was awesome, too. Even better, I got to watch it on TV (thanks Fox Sports Ohio!!). Not happy they lost on Friday to the Bruins, but at least it was in OT, so one point is better than none.

USC fell again. I was really hoping they’d beat Notre Dame. I’ve never liked them.

LSU and Texas A&M went into 7 overtimes! SEVEN!!! I was going to watch it after the USC game (only because it looked to be a good game), but it wasn’t telecast here. Probably just as well. I don’t know if I could  have lasted that long anyway.

The Browns actually won another game? And against the Bengals? Yeah, I had to laugh at that. I’m okay with that outcome, though. It helps the Steelers. Because…

The Steelers lost! Ugh. I really thought they were going to pull another one out of their ass. They can be so frustrating to watch. But I love them anyway.

So… Friday was movie day for the family. We went and saw Robin Hood. This is a completely different type of Robin Hood story. But I enjoyed it. Lots of action and adventure. Do you like it when people “change” the story of an iconic character? Even though I’ve seen a few Robin Hood movies, none of them are like the book (or so Hubby says). Neither is this new one, so there’s that.

Happy Monday!



JeffO said...

Cheers to chores getting done!

Double cheers to a garage that can actually hold a car! (ours can't)

I didn't know there was another version of Robin Hood out. There was a version many years ago where Alan Rickman stole the show as Nottingham. Don't even remember if that was Kevin Costner's Robin Hood or Cary Elwes.

I will not comment on the Bruins game out of deference to my host.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - It was Kevin Costner's version (had to look it up, but was pretty sure because I've seen that one and not the Cary Elwes version). And you can comment on the Bruins all you want. Doesn't mean I'll agree with you. :D